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GameSpot Reviews – Resident Evil: Revelations (PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U)

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  1. If Revelations was 90% on the boat and 10% off this would be perfect…coz
    on the boat it was oldschool RE but playing elswhere it was shoot first
    shoot later. Oh and Jill Valentine need i say more :D

  2. British Wolf

    This was a pretty harsh review considering its the best Resident Evil
    Capcom have made since Resident Evil 4.

  3. Victor Valenzuela

    ign and gamespot are not meant to give out honest reviews… at least
    gamespot was….. if they don’t get pay…. they don’t give nice scores.
    good thing that we all know about these two companies… guys it’s better
    to listen reviews from gamers and not from advertisers.

  4. DarkPaladinX77

    Please stop letting Carolyn Petit review games. 

  5. Nishant Sengar

    just a 6.5? oh come on guys that would be too mean :/

  6. whoops this reviewer again, that’s not good. Better find another review.

  7. Lucas LeClair

    Why do you people put spoilers in reviews, God that makes me soooo mad.
    Always loved the RE series since the very start. But, I never got to beat
    revelations and since revelations 2 came out (did I mention it spits in us
    long time RE Fans faces, ITS SO BAD) I’ve had an itch to play the original
    revelations because over all I’ve heard good things. But come on, I’m going
    to go out on a limb here and say that part in this video with Chris and
    Jill on the helicopter shooting at a huge monster with Gatling guns is
    probably the last boss because 1. Chris and Jill are together and 2. They
    are on a helicopter…so thanks for ruining that for me. Oh ya and the part
    that you decided to show us where Jill’s partner is falling into some sort
    of lava or fire, I’m assuming that’s where he dies? It’s just totally
    uncool to spoil the game for us who just want a REVIEW. I really have to
    stop watching Gamespot, IGN and all the other companies reviews… They
    should be called Spoiler Reviews…

  8. I don’t care what this person is. All I care about is that voice. It is so
    annoying that if I was deaf, I would still stab my ears with an ice pick.

  9. ionthegravity2

    Whatever…Dead Space ate RE’s lunch years ago.

  10. i thought res evil was suppossed to be AAA title, looks worse then binary
    domain and lost planet LOL girl has a nice ass though

  11. the controls didn’t feel right to me. anyone else feel the same?

  12. This guy sounds like Dexter Lab grown up……

  13. Saurabh Mazumdar

    6.5 ?? but when i hovered my mouse on the progress bar it showed 7.5…and
    in Wikipedia it is shown 8.5….fucked up shit right here

  14. 1:53 dad ass tought

  15. Adam Glasgow

    Resident Evil 1 and 2 would gang rape these new shite 3d games

  16. This game was great. Enjoyed playing through it and beating it.
    The best Resident Evil game is still Resident Evil 4.
    RE4 never gets old.

  17. Uninspired enemy design?? What a dumb fuck

  18. Great game, Feels more like the first resident evil than 4,5,6 did, buy it,
    will NOT dissapoint

  19. What is this guy talking about!!! The monsters in this was game was scary
    ass fuck!!! Great boss battles especially the invisible hunters and of
    course the LAST TWO BOSS FIGHTS WAS FUN!! I just beat the game earlier felt
    so epic…i still like RE4 better tho but this was just as fun… 9/10 for
    me and 10/10 for jill :)

  20. Jonathan Forster

    is this the guy that does mandarks voice in dexters lab?

  21. Joakim Nilsson

    As a huge fan of the old-school resident evil games, and as someone who has
    completed this game, I whole-heartedly disagree with this score given by
    gamespot. This felt like a touch of nostalgia to me, and very similar to
    RE4, which was also a great game. I personally would give it a higher
    rating, but due to some cheesy dialogue (which is charming, but at the same
    time a bit cringeworthy), some framedrops and some particularly annoying
    parts, I’d go no higher than 8,5, which still is enough for me to recommend
    this to any resident evil fan

  22. came here cause of the live sale, but based on what ive seen and the demo I
    played, this looks pretty boring. Jill is a total babe still tho!

  23. Resident Evil Revelations is better than Resident Evil 6 and has the right
    tone and a cool setting but much of the game just feels bland. The enemies
    or boring and It’s not scary, intense, or cool like the previous games, I
    mostly agree with his review (and I’m not a jaded nostalgia freak; I LOVED
    Resident Evil 5 even though it wasn’t really survival horror). Hopefully
    Revelations 2 will be better.

  24. Is it open world

  25. I really enjoyed the “previously on resident evil” sequences

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