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Wii U Console Review

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  1. MetalSonicGamerX200

    atleast this review is not biased

  2. The-terminator

    That gay shit

  3. it is.

  4. civ 6 on wii u

  5. TheRealH2dut

    😮 You do know that the black ops footage was for vita right. 😮

  6. His voice……seems……PRETTY FUCKIN LEGIT TO ME

  7. you know a crap review when you see one that doesnt even mention the single
    touch screen, someone is just obsessed with their new console and not
    seeing it for what it really is. A tiny step forward with a few ok games
    that will later turn into shit baby ones 😀 that’s all folks, I probably
    will still get one, I have the Wii after all.

  8. karloguadalupe

    For those of you still tryna decide whether or not to get Wii U or not
    check out my New Super Mario Bros. gameplay! I made vids of speed runs &
    star coin hunt at the same time. Speed is Good!

  9. The Mustache Cat


  10. Am I the only one who geeked out more about the Doctor Who clips than the
    actual WiiU review?

  11. dude take a fcking breath once ina while, struggling to talk makes you hard
    to understand, lmao

  12. why do people even compare the Wii U and the vita? cos they have touch
    screens? 😛 Vita is great as a handheld which the Wii U isnt, and wii U is
    a tiny step forward, wait for the next xbos or PS if you want to see an

  13. Kaleb Taylor


  14. you can’t really review a console a week after release.. if you were to
    review the xbox 360 when it had come out compared to reviewing it now, it
    would obviously get a better review now because it improves over time.

  15. Prince Tricky

    Nintendo should develop and sell a Metroid game that strongly resembles
    Metroid Prime (1).

  16. sounds like cavemanfilms

  17. Yup! Pikmin (yes) will pick up your stuff and travel to the Wii U console
    and put the stuff.

  18. Grant Stovold

    really? if u want to play gamecube games just buy a gamecube. they cost
    like £20

  19. if only you can change the background

  20. It’s good it has the remote feature cause I will go months without my tv
    remote cause I’m to lazy to put batteries in it ._.

  21. iHasCupquake

    Great vid dude! now I want one! :3

  22. spydeewhydee

    Pre ordered the Wind Waker bundle deluxe for 299.99!!! Eff Sony and MS. I
    will, however get the PS4 later on, after the hype settles down. Maybe when
    better looking games come out. Like 2 yrs or something.

  23. Not Spookwagen

    on the Japanese Nintendo site, they revealed a white deluxe set. Just so
    you know.

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    it doesn’t take but a second

  25. It is cave

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