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CGR Undertow – CALL OF DUTY: WORLD AT WAR review for Nintendo DS

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  1. 2007pepsilover

    It’s a shame the cod games never got a crack on the 3ds, If the formula
    could have worked on the wii i’d imagine it’d do quite well on the 3ds.

  2. Stop hating, assholes. DS is an old console, designed for simple
    platformers, strategy games and puzzle games, not 3D first person shooters.
    It’s fucking amazing to see something like this on the DS with controls
    that good. 

  3. Lol I’ve never had a hand cramp of any kind playing ds or psp-the nub
    doesn’t bother me. 

  4. GAY

  5. The Mammalizer

    What about the 3ds. It has no fps

  6. Travis duggan

    thank god the new 3ds has better graphics than the ds and has a second c
    stick cant wait 4 the 3d shooters

  7. mickennxtre68

    I’m curious how COD for the Gameboy Advance is. Great review.

  8. Callum Boast

    rather play doom

  9. Jennifer Gomez

    No online?

  10. Parker Zimmermann

    This guys sarcasm is awesome

  11. carlos Hernandez G.

    terrible debe ser la peor version de call of dutty

  12. This video has 666 likes.666 has 3 numbers in it. tryangle has 3
    sides.illuminati conformed

  13. such gr8 graphics 10/10 would bang

  14. L1ttl3Krak3n

    dont like touch

  15. OwenTheHumble OTH


  16. FearedByKittens

    Wonder how this would work on a 2ds/3ds, knowing it has one analogue stick

  17. Callum Boast

    it is really easy to ” get your aim down to the pixel” cos the resolution
    is 240p!

  18. Is there zombies

  19. Rodel Trainz

    Am I the only one who knows how to operate the touch screen of WaW fast and

  20. How can you like this?! This game is godawful

  21. I was already planning on buying this game but this video confirmed it.

  22. You are awesome Derek. You should do all CGr Undertow reviews. Nobody else.
    Ryan irritates me. 

  23. jahseiah clark

    no zombies but great game

  24. ThunderBoltz931

    Reminds me of Counter Strike. 1.6

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