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Custom Extreme Gaming PC! EVGA x58 CLASSIFIED/ Quad SLi GTX 295/ Corsair Dominator GT!

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  1. Some very nice high end gear there.

  2. mortenfilholm

    @sarzeda btw aint the ”real” quad sli

  3. Rodrigo Sarzeda

    hi there mate! these are Koolance waterblocks, they already came with the

  4. not bad but i hav more performance in my pc

  5. For fuk sake i need to change my trousers now….

  6. havok of the east

    man awesome just waesome but you have spent for each card from this gtx
    about 500-525$ so you should have waited for the hd 5970 yea it is about
    100$ more but absoultely better in every thing except one thing the size
    and try to put some vids for benchmarks and some games testing

  7. niccceeee

  8. i would kill for this.

  9. dipakmistry94

    that is awesome! shame about he blue tho if that blue wasnt’ there that
    would b my dream PC (i LOVE red)

  10. JimLikeSnipe


  11. Nathan Lawrie

    @HALOTHEMOVIE117 it makes me laugh when people like you do this. You
    actively seek out videos like these, then tell the people who uploaded the
    video to get a life. Yet you are the one pointlessly trolling around
    youtube all day, while people that build computers are actually doing
    something useful, and educational. So who is it that needs to get a life?
    Could have sworn it was you.

  12. nVidia guy: Check out my awesome system. ATI guy: aww man you should have
    waited for X9R7-S nVidia guy: but I can play every game in the world with
    100 FPS and Extreme Tessellation ATI guy: yeah but ATI can almost do it to,
    but if you just wait a few months they might do it better for $10 less!
    nVidia guy: my PC cost $4000 I don’t need $10. ATI guy: I do.

  13. Jesus hope mine one day will look something like that, its kinda a normal
    set up right now, but ey it rapes. got a coolmaster cm690 case mm

  14. Gz on epenis

  15. all awsome besides GPUs (H)

  16. doe the sus m4a78t-e support this awesome kickass ram ?

  17. @Punkyb0yz tr0ll

  18. Rodrigo Sarzeda

    @HALOTHEMOVIE117 LooooooL Haters…. You wish you could afford something
    like this! LOOOOOOL

  19. sepp13011993

    2 questions 1: Why did you need a quad SLI ? 2:Where did you take the money
    for something like this

  20. Delos twentythree

    i want that keyboard and amazing visuals and the waterblocks for the gpus
    are what kind? and did you make them lite up yourself?

  21. Rodrigo Sarzeda

    hey m8! i know, i built this over the summer, so, a little while ago, im
    waiting the new GT300 series form nVidia to come out to decide which one
    use in my next upgrade

  22. Jonathan Mattheys

    DAMN THATS BRIGHT! Seriously thats a raw system though I wish I had
    something like that >.< Is that the cooler master scout case?

  23. Wish I had money to build that and play games with such sweet goodness
    graphics. Last time I tried to do something with a pc, I somehow blew it up
    when I tried to put some RAM into it. ¬.¬ This was along time ago though so
    I dont think id make the same mistake twice. Lol.

  24. crazedimp321

    Is that the Cyborg keyboard? I believe it is logitech right?

  25. havok of the east

    dont you any thing about the gt 300 series like the price the outcoming
    date cause i cant find any thing helpful on the net if you do pls reply thxx

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