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Affordable/Cheap Gaming Laptop’s Hp

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  1. does it heat up a lot after 1 or 2 hours of gaming ?

  2. Hey, I know I may sound like your typical Minecraft player but I’m in a
    sticky situation with my current laptop considering it has an i3 2gb of
    ram. I need a new laptop that is around 500-600 possibly even 700 but that
    is pushing it. I’m looking at all the major computer brands. I need a
    computer that runs Minecraft and Garry’s Mod well. Mainly Minecraft which I
    would like about 30-60 fps on high settings on single player and 30-60 fps
    on multiplayer servers on medium settings.(I mainly play multiplayer so
    that is my main interest)Thanks you!

  3. Jimmie Hughes

    Dose this run wow (world of Warcraft)

  4. Infamy Assassin

    I don’t know if this is good but my pc(laptop) has 3.60 gb of USABLE RAM,
    and a AMD E-300 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics1.30 GHz, is that good?

  5. Gabriel Guajardo

    Is this laptop as good as buying an Xbox one? And witch is better, an Xbox
    one or this particular laptop?

  6. Nerdious Pyro

    Can this run minecraft,elgato hd60,and Sony vegas

  7. matthew turner

    I’ve got 250 what can I buy xD

  8. How much is this laptop and where can you buy please?? 

  9. Sparkworks Reads

    Where did you buy this? Can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  10. Guys get the Lenovo g50-45 it’s only £320 and it’s really fast. Rubs cod at
    60fps no lag

  11. Thomas Bachtis

    Anyone no of a good gaming laptop that can run arma 3 not to much lag with
    w/ a num pad and can also run lol no lag and good fps 

  12. EclipseGaming2073

    Cheap my fuckng ass its £800

  13. Blazik Brown

    Can this run DayZ??

  14. TheeIrish Monsta

    is the hp 350 g1 notebook of just as good???

  15. got to ask is this good for sonic generations and stranded deep

  16. Georgy Verbrugge

    Can it handle adbansed warvare

  17. SkintSNIPER262

    As I read through the comments, u guys r confusing me with all the comp
    talk because im a nooob. So I would like to ask whats a good laptop to run
    payday2 and some editing software thats under$400?

  18. did a video of gameplay on my hp if anyone wants check it out, mincraft,
    dayz, were a few of the games I use in the vid

  19. Furi™Graphic Designer
  20. Joaquin Games

    Will it run Gmod, Five night’s at Freddy’s, Minecraft or any of the games
    Markiplier plays? 

  21. i want a laptop that can run PES 2013 can this computer run it or any other
    i will subscribe to whoever answers please

  22. I need help is this laptop okay for running games e.g portal call of duty 4
    minecraft day z (merby portal 2 not to botherd) (HP Pavilion 15-n299sa
    Refurbished 15.6″ Laptop – Blue)

  23. Robert Hodges

    I cant find it online

  24. Ryan Blalock

    Can I get steam? And play truck driving simulators? (Someone please tell

  25. What is the laptop called and how much is it

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