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Aquapazza Review-Playstation 3

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  1. LloydVlogs33

    It looks great but there’s one thing that’s keeping me from buying it yet..
    Is there a storyline to it at all? Any dialogue or scenes of characters
    talking and so on? Or is it just fighting, fighting and fighting? 

  2. OnlyNightCore

    Thanks for the review.

  3. I became frustrated with the game. Playing Story Mode is like playing
    Arcade Mode all over again with the main difference being the final boss. I
    also found the characters Multi and the boss in Story Mode to be too
    difficult at times. Also, Manaka, the schoolgirl that carries books while
    she fights, sucks in my opinion. I love fighting games, but eventually I
    traded this title in at Game Stop for store credit.

  4. Michelangelo Caravaggio

    slow, derivative, boring, annoying.

  5. Ducethedragon

    I enjoy this game, Its a fun fighter to kick back and have fun with. Picked
    it up from Gamestop for 20 dollars and absolutely no complaints here. would
    definitely recommend to fans of fighting Genre.

  6. some of those characters is from an anime called utawarerumono, which is
    actually in english dub, and its a very good yet lesser known anime, mainly
    the big guy with the bullmask, the angel, the chick with the giant club and
    the guy with the dual wield swords

  7. MovieTimeStudios

    Awesome review man!! But one problem, Haku-Samas’ splash attack where he
    becomes that giant beast! Any advice on how to pull it off?! XD

  8. Pretty cool review but just the heads up. The characters are from adult
    visual novel, the anime came out later. 

  9. I sadly have yet to purchase this game but I love Utawarerumono so buying
    the game for those characters is enough fo rme! Clueless as to where the
    other characters are from though.

  10. Hatsune Miku

    you should tell me your psn ID and play with me sometime

  11. Scott Pilgram

    I saw this game at gamestop and wanted to see a review of it cause it
    caught my eye and watched your review although i agree with you on the
    visuals this game is beautiful however, its an ok fighting game. I havent
    played a arcade fighting game since street fighter and love anime. just the
    characters seem bland, dont really like their moves and techniques. any
    other anime arcade fighters you would recommend? 

  12. Game is ok just hate “multi” the character and the fact that the ai kicks
    into overdrive when ur about to win 

  13. Utawarerumono AND Tears To Tiara!?!? I need to buy a Playstation 3 right

  14. Hakuowlo 

  15. GamingRetrospective

    I was interested in this game for a while, but thought it looked kinda
    weak. While I enjoyed the visuals, I was skeptical about picking it up.
    Having been able to purchase a sealed copy from Amazon for a meager $12, I
    really couldn’t pass it up. I look forward to playing it when it in a few
    days. Your video was helpful in giving me an idea of what to expect. I’ll
    definitely be checking out your others. 

  16. Wow! how’d I miss this game? I’m a huge blazblue fan. This its right up my
    ally! Picking it up today on my lunch break.

  17. I know the guy with the mask I have that anime it was great

  18. joaquin ferrer

    The only character I know I don’t even know it’s name and it’s because I
    buy one game from aquaplus in Japan that I can’t understand but it’s

  19. Baiken 梅喧

    Nice review! I’ve been watching this game closely and plan on getting it
    for christmas, i only know the Utawarerumono & Tears to Tiara characters so
    i hope i’ll like it :)

  20. JP Sarri Reviews

    Great review!!

  21. One Time Shocker

    This was a really good review. I was surprised when I saw that you only
    have a hundred and so subscribers, because the way you delivered the review
    was informative and professional. It was short and sweet too. You were
    clear and concise about your point and didn’t spend too much time on each
    of them. You’ve won my subscription and I hope you earn lots more as well. 

  22. Wouldn’t call myself a diehard otaku. More midlevel. But yes, I recognize
    all the characters here from the animes Tears to Tiara, Utawatamaru, and To
    Heart. (And comic party. There are a few others that I don’t recognize
    however.) I guess it is somewhat esoteric, but I wouldn’t consider any of
    these anime adaptations as obscure.

    Still, I remember playing this game at an anime con last year and going
    “They seriously made a game that crosses over all these characters? WTF, I
    gotta see this for myself!” So yeah, I was caught off guard when I first
    saw it as well.

    Anyways, good review!

  23. Wow, this would’ve gone right under my nose. Seems pretty alright. I
    recognize only a FEW of those characters. Mainly the ones from an anime
    called “Utawarerumono” the guy with the mask is the main character from

  24. your reviews are pretty good idk why you havent blown up on Youtube yet lol
    whats your PSN ID

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