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Amazon Fire TV Stick Review | EpicReviewGuys in 4k CC

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  1. EpicReviewGuys

    With Amazon’s latest streaming device- the FireTV Stick- can we bring our
    cloud with us to TVs anywhere?

  2. Charles DELIBERIS

    Amazon fire tv stick is like owning a kindle fire hd.

  3. Love that retro design shirt!

  4. Prime used to be $139 I think but now it is 99 surprising

  5. Will this device draw power from a USB port on a TV instead of plugging it
    into the wall adapter?

  6. Liv Loves VideoStars

    Can you try do the mirroring from tablet or phone to tv please 

  7. Edward LaHaie

    Amazon is offering a credit of $40 if you sign up for their card. After
    shipping you can get the Fire Stick for a total of $1.34 out of pocket!

  8. Do you play Teraria, Parris? Great game.

  9. NudgingCharlie13

    Nice review. It says it’s out of stock until January 15 though. Do you have
    the Roku stick too? I have a regular Roku box and really like it. I
    wondered how the Roku stick compares to the Amazon stick. 

  10. love it

  11. Hello

  12. Thanks, always nice to find a review on Epic before making a purchase, keep
    up the good work.

  13. Daly Hernandez

    Do a review on pugs or japense candy

  14. That’s cool!!!

  15. 12th comment

  16. Unedited Reviews

    Great Review. 

  17. CraftsAreCool CAC


  18. That’s awesome

  19. Cristin Watts

    Just bought this! I was interested and saw the ‘black Friday’ sale they had
    and I was hoping my family would like it. From your excellent video, I am
    now sure they will and Christmas will be fun!

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