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Thrustmaster XBOX ONE Ferrari 458 Spider Wheel Unboxing & Set-up and Review

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    Is it correct that this wheel is massively over sensitive when you counter
    steer and try to catch slides in forza 5. So it always feels like you’re
    over correcting the slide.
    Thats what i heard. 

  3. Hi is this wheel compatible with the thrustmaster F1 add on wheel? Can you
    detach the wheel it self ?

  4. mastersuljiman

    quick question: Does the Ferrari GTE Add on work on this or you cannot take
    it off?

  5. Rodrigo Renzo

    +asplenia *Does it vibrate?*

  6. please can i know!Is that chair with the trustmaster or you bought it alone
    with single price?

  7. Jax Teller WA

    That is wicked man, looks like a sick set up and a lot of fun
    Love your room too, cool posters and that is a badass Ghetto Blaster dude!
    Hey, I am the best driver on racing games ha ha ha

  8. Dylan Bechler

    Is there a big difference between this wheel and the TX 458 itialia edition
    wheel? I’m trying to decided between this wheel and the TX italia one but I
    can’t find what the differences are besides the price.

  9. How much rotation does it the wheel get?

  10. Jesse Ayotte

    Hey, I just bought this myself and im having trouble getting it to work,
    the buttons work fine but no matter what I do the steering wheel and pedals
    don’t work. Is there step I’mi missing?

  11. Taylor Weick

    nice video, you earned a like. If you want to continue youtube I do
    recommend a better camera for your vlogs. and software to show in game
    footage. goodluck!

  12. Shalonda Faison

    Nevermind i found it ..a small cord dropped out of the box that connects to

  13. chris rinaldi

    when he shows the pedals on the floor on the bottom left corner there is a
    bottle of alcohal

  14. +asplenia hey do you need a Kinect for that steering wheel?

  15. La Bella Damir

    cant believe it has no force feedback. I almost throwed at the garbage my
    weel when cleaning the house. I bought it 10 years ago or so, a thrust
    master force feedback ferrari gt someting weel :)) I thought it was broken
    and was hard to find drivers for it on win8/64bit. Now i was looking on the
    market and i see theese weels are so overpriced I am so glad i am playing
    with mine after so many years (now i play project cars alfa) so awesome
    feeling the clutch shifting with the force feedback. Has manual gearbox
    also lmao :)) Sorry for bad english, nice review !

  16. SeriousmaximSH

    Does it have a USB port?

  17. Mike Mannell

    Looks fun! Is that a seat from a Toyota MR 2?

  18. thanks dude really help me out

  19. clinton gillmore

    hi clinton here iv been wanting to go online ps3 sony network butt not sure
    how it works iv opened an account so im good there butt not sure what to
    now. If ya chould that whould be great.

  20. Do not have a path is taken it depends on xbox360

  21. is it possible to use g27 pedals & gear stick with this steering wheel at

  22. Shalonda Faison

    I can seem to find where to hook the round piece that connects to the
    steering wheel into the back of the back of my xbox one… the instructions
    nor the videos tell me.. can you help me please

  23. Willan Greaves

    Do u have to have Kinect?

  24. SeriousmaximSH

    Ahhh darn means I have to spend 300 bucks on the tx which I saw the review
    were like 50/50 it was good or it was horrible I’m trying to get one for
    Xbox one, a wheel. I’m getting the shifter next week and pedals soon just
    waiting for then to be instock 

  25. miguel martin

    One cuestión.is compatible with pc?.thanks

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