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Review Minecraft PlayStation 3 Edition – PS3

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  1. Hey PSFever, what is your username so I know, I WON’T send a request I just
    want to be sure

  2. Dude you earned a sub man. I am looking for people to play with and your a
    great choice. I’ll send you a message. NOT A FRIEND REQUEST!! Just an
    invite stay AWSOME!! :-)

  3. Any update for the ps vita 

  4. Will it be cross buy?

  5. Sprech deutschen loser

  6. Destiny Castillo

    I Have just a simple question. Umm I’ve played minecraft on many devices.
    So I bought minecraft on ps3 and I went on creative how do u scroll up?
    Please help. 

  7. JustSomeRandomGhost

    Great review 🙂 as always

  8. Can you use texturepacks on the
    Ps3 version? Pls Answer 

  9. you guys know that on the pc (master race) you have huge servers with for
    example 1000 people online and the pc has mods, plugins and adventure maps.

  10. is this the demo? i like it though add me justinj212

  11. Yo can you add me again, we used to be friends on PsVita but Since it was
    robbed we lost touch 😀 It;ll be real cool for you to also drop by as a
    guest in one of my new Series On Minecraft PS3 Edition! 

  12. if any one wants some one to play with add Kupo_Leader

  13. I got 60% of the trophys in 1 day

  14. PLZ ADD ME FEVER MY NAME IS djfvw !!?? plz plz plz 

  15. Can I play with you? I’m a sub. Please add xDeadlyFishx I will clear a
    space for you!

  16. I remember Mojang specifically said after the creation of MC: Pocket
    Edition (xbox version was out at this time) “We are not putting Minecraft
    on any more platforms”

  17. He’ll yea I’m having fun

  18. Have a hunger games anyone can play psn etheanna123

  19. Hey PlayStation Fever I Have Subbed U And I Was Trying To Find Someone To
    Play With But Erm….Maybe Request OR No Request And Yeah! Hope We Can Play
    Together :D

  20. Actually, the ps3 and xbox editions apparently have sharks and the pc
    version doesn’t

  21. Sebastián Ignacio Cabezas Ortiz


  22. One thing that I think people need to be aware of is that the world is NOT
    endlessly generating. Just warning you now because it was a massive
    disappointment when I found out the hard way. 

  23. I heard that the worlds on ps3 and xbox are not infinite. wtf?

  24. But the worlds are smaller than xbox right?

  25. Kostakis Sporidis

    Can u send me an invite for any world psn : spokosjr

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