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Caddy in the USA! (ft. PSVita Trigger Grips…) – TINKER TIME!

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  1. that was great you should do more of these in the future

  2. Arnar Er Besturson

    so……..where was rick grimes? or the zombies? 

  3. 8:18
    “Lets have a look shall we?”
    *shows (insert woman’s name and occupation here) BOOBIEZ*
    Caddicarus2014MLG PLAYA SWAG

  4. Stan Potapov

    14:17 Now you know what being an american is like.


  6. Jesus Monroe


  7. caddy, as an american i can tell you, LAYS OWNS WALKAS as you call them

  8. caddy, as an american i can tell you, LAYS OWNS WALKAS as you call them

  9. i dont like amerika … so many racists oh yeah … you shouldnt give your
    surprise eggs … but guns 😛 … -.-

  10. Nick Lohrmann

    oh.. he is not american :C

  11. this was made 3 days after my birthday.

  12. Majestic Koopa

    I will now, as a man born in America, and living there my whole life, now
    go “yehhh merican brekfst” every time I have breakfast.

  13. A drummer playing bass guitar? Unheard of! I certainly would never do such
    a thing and then come to love bass more than anything

  14. Matthew Pape

    Who reviews hand grips? Best line EVER!

  15. Don't Feed the Squirrels

    I had those trigger grips, they screw up your triggers if you use the grips
    too much. To the point where it either doesn’t register or it barely

  16. Nick Davidson

    Caddicarus, thank you for supporting the PS Vita ^_^

  17. Axlar Axington

    More like….. Caddedalus.

  18. superspyro3000

    damn, you went to atlanta? I could have gotten your autograph or something
    XD and I would have told you about a few PS1 games I have that you would
    enjoy (robopit is a fun example)

  19. Murica 

  20. elliot keirs

    was caddy drinking at 14:00

  21. Cant stop laughing at 16:28

  22. Michael Dettmer

    +Caddicarus Does Daddicarus watch your videos at all?

  23. Samuel Sharp

    What is that song starting at about 16:35? I’ve listened to that chunk of
    video 10 times and haven’t been able to figure it out! SOMEONE HELP! 

  24. Most of Memphis has gone down the shitter…..not all but most. It sorta
    did a Detroit which sucks because my mother and some of her family said
    Memphis was an amazing city before.

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