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CGRundertow SCRIBBLENAUTS for Nintendo DS Video Game Review

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  1. Originality 10/10. Son loves this game.

  2. Christopher Sobieniak

    Surprised you can’t draw out the items needed (like something out of Winky
    Dink & You, but now I’m just referencing stuff most of you wouldn’t have
    heard of at all).

  3. gamereviewsss

    great game,

  4. Scribblenauts manages to get nostalgic after three mere years

  5. Edwin Jackson

    Super Scribblenauts is better on the control part, you can move with the
    d-pad and face buttons. And Max doesn’t knock things over so easily either.

  6. jesus lovezyou

    Or write something suggestive you little pervert

  7. bladebreaker10

    Great game but its the reviews i love the most, so much detail its

  8. a3HeadedMonkey

    I clicked on this cause I just knew it would be Derek reviewing it!

  9. Portal! huzah! WTF! is that Vilgax? no it’s a Cthulhu!

  10. 2007pepsilover

    I don’t think i’ve really had issues with the controls, but i wanna try
    super scriblenauts with the d-pad

  11. this game made it official that ds is better than psp, what other game can
    you attach a pregant woman to a brick wall it chainsaw her to death
    resulting in an abortion and then shooting the baby with a rocket launcher,
    only in scribblenauts friends, only in scribblenauts.

  12. Blazing Lion

    just might get the wiiu one.

  13. Robby Barnard

    drawn to life is fun but pretty hard too

  14. Maybe you want to write cthulhu.

  15. But you can change the controlls! in the menu!

  16. I bought Drawn to Life the day it came out, but I never got Scribblenauts.

  17. alienwaregamerx2011

    thank god! for ONCE you review a good game!

  18. I loved Drawn to life…

  19. MrMoneyclips

    God kicks Keakken’s ass

  20. Yeah DEREK!!

  21. lightninstriker10

    Drawn to Life was still a good game.

  22. Scribblenauts 1 and 2 are the best DS game ever made!

  23. jetpck and rope… game complete

  24. I never said he didn’t. Although I perfer the Krakken because — As Morgan
    and Alex would agree with on Man Cooking(LoadingReadyRun Sketch) — it’s
    MANLIER, because it’s LARGLIER! But in all seriousness, I don’t think there
    is anything in the main puzzles of Scribblenauts that can kill the
    Krakken(Excluding stuff spawned by the player). Feel free to correct me on
    this, though, as I haven’t played Scribblenauts in ages, and I’ve never
    played any other Scribblenauts game after it.

  25. i actually loved drawn to life it was a great game and had a great story.

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