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Top 5 – Best Gaming Laptops in 2014 [HD]

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  1. SuperClown834

    I’m buying the Alienware Laptop Sick looking!

  2. The pokemon player

    What sould i get other than alien 18

  3. I disagree, the razorblade has nearly the same specs as alien ware, but the
    razorblade is SOOO much smaller.

  4. selvic spiritas

    I have the alienware m14x, its been 3 years now and all i can say is its
    worth it. hands down alienware

  5. Milan Aleksovski

    Origins are the best but the price…….. its just 2 much…

  6. mohdsukor mohdsukor


  7. why buy a alienware when you can build a pc thats better than 1

  8. aorus x 7?it s thiner and have better video quality than razer!

  9. dont think alienware should be #1. and the new msi ghost is better than the
    steath but good vid

  10. eMGee Official

    alien ware laptops are the best

  11. FinestInstinct

    Top 5 gaming monitors 🙂 

  12. Engineer Diep

    How does the XPS M1710 (“big bang theory laptops”) compare to the list?

  13. i disagree 2 alienware suck’s

  14. your showing laptop with 700 series gpu’s 800 series came out before ur
    video this is old and should have been made last year

  15. Y is Razer blade number 5!??!?!

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