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Xbox One vs PS4: 4 Months Later – Who’s Winning? (Review)

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  1. Jonathan Morrison

    It’s been about 4 months since the release of the Xbox One and Playstation
    4 so we’re back with an update on what’s new and what’s changed between
    both consoles!

    *Feel free to +1/Share if you enjoyed!*

  2. NOW
    without hate i want to know whh everyone thinks the ps4 is better
    I don’t understand
    It doesn’t have the best graphics/framrates (Pc)
    It doesn’t have the best online services (Xbox/Pc)
    It doesn’t have the best deals (steam)
    It doesn’t have the best exclusives this year (okay maybe TLOUR but that
    was last gen)
    What makes it better than everything else?

  3. Violette Hepburn

    Hey are you pc people kidding me?
    Ok the graphics are often better than the console graphics, i agree with
    you on that, but you can not compare it to consoles. Becuase first of all i
    personally do not like pc games, i never found a cool game which could be a
    lot fun for me and there are a lot of games which do not exist for pc or
    which are coming very much later after the console versions. And it is more
    comftable to play on the couch on a big screen. I dont want to play on a
    small screen. But i dont wanna say that pc gaming sucks, i sometimes play
    too but i prefer more to work on computers and play with my xbox.
    it is just my opinion.

  4. A bunch of little kids suck up to there mom to buy them a Peasant box one
    and a gay station 4… Am I the only one broke as hell?

  5. I perfer Xbox.Because Playstation Network suck’s..No offence Playstation

  6. Why are so many people saying the PS4 is better?! It’s really not! The
    controller is shit compared to the Xbox Ones controller, the online is
    crap, the exclusives aren’t as good as xbox (xbox having halo, Forza etc).
    ‘Oh but xbox runs at 720p while PS4 runs at 1080p’ idk if it’s just me but
    I can tell any difference between the two! The only real downsides to the
    Xbox one is the Kinect (which you can now buy without

  7. I need a non-biased, non-fanboy opinion about each console. I’m selling my
    360 to buy a next-gen console, but I don’t know which one to choose. Help
    is appreciated.

  8. I love my ps4 …why would i want to pay for a shitty live when i can play
    free multiplayer…and i can play used games on it ..^^ 

  9. I own a PS3 and love it, even if it is technically obsolete, but am not
    quite sure if I’ll buy the PS4 over the XBOne.

    The PS4 is a solid, well-designed console, but it seems to be missing
    something–an X Factor. Maybe it’s the lack of extra media features (DLNA,
    HBO Go, etc). Remote play seems cool, but I’d never use it. Playstation Now
    is a great idea, but Sony’s pricing is laughably bad and needs

    The Xbox One is a multimedia powerhouse with underwhelming design. The size
    of the console, as well as the external power brick, is embarrassing.
    Microsoft needs to release an Xbox One Slim badly.

    I might wait, but Shadow of Mordor looks too damn good to pass up. Coin
    toss maybe, lol?

  10. I got confused in the beginning

    Its not even January yet, how does what you’re saying make sense. Please
    let me know if I’m missing something.

  11. What do I do I had a Xbox 360 for 5 years and ready for upgrade o next gen
    but I don’t know what I want a lot of friends have Xbox one and I really
    want titanfall and halo too but I also want uncharted and the Xbox one just
    seems better with these new updates but I don’t know because I heard that
    Xbox live is more money plz help!!!!

  12. PS4’s controller sucks especially for shooters. It’s uncomfortable to hold
    and dies in 2 hours so I always have to keep it plugged in. It’s the main
    reason I got an xbox one and let the ps4 collect dust. Feature wise both
    consoles are very similar now. It really comes down to if you want to
    play console exclusive games and the controllers. Which imo xbox one wins

  13. Quick question..all my friends are getting ps4 and my dad, but I have
    people on Xbox 1 that are cool..Which console should I get?

  14. Hazardous-Nebula

    My “Next gen” dilemma
    1. Has no friends/Friends can’t afford (0/0)
    2. likes exclusives on both sides (1/1)
    3. likes XB1 UI and features better (XB1=2/PS4=1)
    4. likes PS4 symmetrical analog sticks better (XB1=2/PS4=2)
    5. still doesn’t have a decent gaming PC (2/2)
    6. still doesn’t have own internet, borrowed internet i’m on sucks (2/2)
    7. broke as hell (2/2)

    WTF do i do?

  15. PrickProductions

    My Xbox One is a piece of shit but I am a super big fan Halo and I have no
    fucking clue what I should do! Any suggestions from anyone?

  16. Mauricio Rodriguez

    the xbox 360 and ps3 are winning

  17. Xbox is better. The only good thing about ps is the resolution, and it is
    not noticeably different from the xbox. Xbox has better exclusives.
    Microsoft is run by professionals while Sony can barely keep servers up.

  18. I’m planning to get a ps4 in October or November.But its sort of
    late.should I wait till the ps5 or get a ps4? HELP

  19. Jacob Ziolkowski

    Like for xbox1

  20. PS4 is way better than xbox 1

  21. guy i really want xbox one because skype andhulu an all that stuff but
    everyone says xbox sucks and its apiece of shit,and they say that i should
    buy ps4 but i want those kinect games like just dance and stuff…but its
    kinda stupid because infamous second son isnt on xbox1 .Any

  22. Which console has better gameplay and online experience?

  23. YellowBoxProduction1

    I have 360 and I’m thinking of getting next gen. I like shooters NHL games
    and wwe. None of my friends have xbox one or ps4. I started gaming with ps3
    but got YLOD and I bought 360. What should I do

  24. I’m gonna wait for the white xbox one when it comes on sale. Hopefully they
    have mass production instead of limited quantities because I personally
    like the white one. Mainly because the black one attracts a lot of dust
    over time and the white one looks nicer. Don’t get me wrong the black one
    looks awesome, but I’m going more for the white one. Plus the only reasons
    why I’m getting xbox one instead of PS4 is because of the cool new shows
    happing such as HALO Nightfall, Halo TV series from Steven Spielberg, and
    also Halo 5! Plus Destiny, which most of my friends are playing now. PS4 is
    just for heavy gamers, which I’m not really, I’m just a casual gamer, but I
    personally think Xbox is better in the long run. Cause I have a 360, but
    let’s be honest, is Microsoft going to allow all those awesome future games
    for both 360 and the One? Not really. 

  25. I really want to play the Xbox exclusives, but all my friends are on PS4!
    What should I get?

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