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Far Cry 4 Walkthrough Part 2 Let’s Play Playthrough Review 1080p (Xbox360)

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  1. Are u sure this xbox360

    because the graphics is very good 

  2. your not allowed to do this not til the game is out

  3. This game looks amazing on 360, I’m glad I’m not waiting for next gen to
    play the game because I haven’t upgraded yet.

  4. looks like a rehash of the last 2 games combined with the recent tomb
    raider reboots environment..but that’s none of my business because i won’t
    be purchasing it. does it not bother you zombies that you’re paying for and
    wasting your time on the same things OVER and OVER? when will the fuckery

  5. Ubisoft never showed any footage of the xbox 360 version and people need to
    know how the game looks before they buy so I’m glad UrAvgGamer uploaded it.
    Much appreciated was eager to get a look at it. Now I see it looks good I’m
    more happy to buy it.

  6. Looks good enough but dat screen tearing…

  7. Is it aviliable for xbox 360 download? 

  8. Dejan Radosavljevic

    Looks great on the 360 still im gonna get it on the PC because i think it
    has better graphics 

  9. Xbox 360?! LMAO

  10. Far Cry is Here! Smash that Like button for More!

  11. Do Any body have dis game downloaded on there xbox360 console so I can
    license transfer plz plz plz add me or msg me Briqht Savaqe

  12. How’d you get it early?:l Love it by the way!

  13. I’m impressed by the xbox 360 graphics here 🙂
    From pc and xb1 gamer

  14. Savion Ramsundar

    wow looks pretty good on 360, glad i didnt go next gen yet

  15. When’s the game ACTTUALLY released?

  16. так бесит когда криворукие делають летсплей!!!

  17. hi, in audio in language, how many language change ? spanish, english and
    more ?

  18. more!

  19. nice video the game looks good i will buy it for xbox360 virsion

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