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Sonic Lost World Nintendo Wii U Review

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  1. Aside from the controls, I hate this game for three big reasons.
    1. The parkour system
    2. The PARKOUR system

  2. Martín Terminel

    Sega gave us this:
    -2D levels like the originals from Classis Sonic with some upgrades.
    -You can select your speed in 3D levels.
    -The Return of the wisps
    -Trying to be a Nintendo game for Nintendrones…………………….

  3. Fair enough… I´m ALMOST into buy a WiiU… but the generation gap makes
    me wait until the next N console and purchase it when available for Virtual

  4. The Ryan Sucks At Video Games

    I don’t understand why people complained that rings don’t get you extra
    lives, but you couldn’t do that either in Sonic Colors.
    I don’t know, maybe there’s something wrong with me but I thought this game
    was extremely easy, especially when compared to Colors. When I went back to
    play Sonic Colors that game kicked my ass! But this game… there was maybe
    one level that was hard? Maybe?? 

  5. Also I’ve got to add if nintendo bought sonic and made a game the game
    would be so much better everyone has to admit that. All there recent games
    are bad there not fast and have bad controls. This upcoming sonic boom game
    looks absolutely terrible (I am going to buy because I buy every sonic
    game) but it looks bad and nintendo would make it good.

  6. i have this game only for the 3ds its a really hard game but really fun but
    im stuck on dessert ruins zone 3 i consider dessert ruins zone 3 the worst
    stage in any sonic game (beside sonic 06) never because i cant beat it 

  7. To think that it has bee a year since this video was released.

  8. I got the 3ds version and it took 3 weeks to beat it but it took 6 months
    to unlock super sonic.

  9. I’m still reading the tags…

  10. New Meme: ZL to win!

  11. i quite enjoyed it i got it for 3ds and it was relly fun
    i even lerned the controlls super fast

  12. I think the review is great and I haven’t played it yet. But my impressions
    aged in this game. I used to think it’s great, then average, then bad. Far
    from worst, but far from best.

  13. I like sonic but lately it seems like sega is just producing random crap. I
    loved sonic colors and hated everything in the series since then. And I
    felt like his little rant video about all the bad reviews and all I have to
    say is man up your acting like someone just killed your parents for no
    reason and the reviews the game got deserved it for being crap. too slow
    how about too boring.

  14. I really liked this game! and i played only the 3ds version…

  15. Even if they did copy Nintendo (which they didn’t) they would be copying
    from a great plat former.

  16. tribal plains 42

    I’ve played a lot of sonic games, this is my favorite.

  17. SuperJumpReviews

    Sold! Getting this right now!

  18. BuddyComicsCentral

    To anybody who hates this game because it’s to slow but end up liking sonic
    You are the worst sonic fan ever

  19. I don’t get why people complain about it being slow… The originals were
    fast and slow. You can’t make games fast the whole time and that’s why
    Sonic games are so hard to make good. It’s about balance.

  20. SuperSonicSpeedSSS

    This is probably the most generous review of this game I’ve ever seen

  21. Wisp are in the game because it was originally going to be sonic colors 2,
    they wanted it like that because sonic colors released on Wii and Ds then
    they wanted to make another exclusive for Nintendo’s next generation, sorta
    like how there’s always a new super Mario game for each released Nintendo
    console. So the wisp WERE going to be relevant but it was scraped and they
    went with lost world.

  22. those tags in the desc tho

  23. Sega does copy a lot from nintendo ideas wise but my opinion Mario will
    always be better and more populare the plat forming and controls are spot
    on and the graphics are good they always get rated good. Don’t get me wrong
    I love sonic but you can tell nintendo puts a lot more effort in making
    there games spot on and it pays off

  24. Having similarities and taking direct themes is two different things. Sonic
    Team was ripping directly from Mario with this one, while they used to try
    to steer away from Mario as much as possible.

  25. I like this review it went in depth and said the truth about the game

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