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PS Vita review

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  1. question. can you get mgs peace walker on it. it was controlled like crap
    on psp but controlled good on ps3 but was made for portability.

  2. Good news, you can play music while playing games on the Vita, remote play
    a few more PS3 games and a lot of PS4 games.

  3. And he was right.
    Sony put the effort on remote play.

  4. Got the vita when it first came out. It is basically a nostalgia system. I
    play all my PSOne and PSP games on it…love the shit for that. And it has
    some really great PSV games…now…but only some in my opinion. The Vita
    games itself are still severely lacking. But getting better.

  5. Matthew Gyongyosi Price

    almost forgot to ask too can any ps3 games be downloaded to the ps vita
    or is it only certain games?

  6. Matthew Gyongyosi Price

    I have a question i have the last of us for ps3 if i ever get a ps vita
    can it be downloaded to the ps vita?

  7. If u dont own a vita already then nows the cheapest time to get one. U can
    get a bundle for 175-200 and memory cards on sale in many places. And
    insread of gettin a game. Get ps plus 1 year card and dl bunch for FREE!
    Ull want ps plus anyway especially if u own a ps3 or ps4 already since each
    platform has a bunch of free games waiting to be downloaded. Bioshock
    infinite and dmc will be free among others in january so get on that. Plus
    super weeky discounts that come close to steam in value. I felt like an
    idiot for not gettin ps plus day one and missed out on aton of games. It
    just sounded too good to be true. But now im sittin on more free games then
    i have time to play across all sony platforms(retail and arcade). Ps: love,
    Love, LOVE MY VITA!!!

  8. 4:27 Seriously Jeremy where have you been? You can do that on the original
    PSP years ago. That’s old news at this point. You don’t even need to mod
    your PSP that much at all. It’s super easy to load home-brew and emulators
    on to it.

  9. Jeremy you should review Persona 4 Golden, it’s really long but it is a
    incredible game. Kinda like Skyrim length with wonderful Final
    Fantasy/Pokemon game play. I really hope you give it a shot it’s pretty
    cheap these days :D

  10. Just picked up a used Vita today and a couple of games. It didn’t come with
    a memory card but that’s ok. I can get a good one at Wal Mart pretty cheap.
    I really like the system so far. 

  11. Dan Dan The Jarate Man

    DO YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR INTERNET? (i had to make this in caps or it would
    get ignored XD) PLZ HELP

  12. I wonder if Jeremy still has his PS Vita? Some good games like Persona 4,
    Kill Zone Mercenary, Gravity Rush, and Assassins Creed Liberation should be

  13. CoolestCatInTown

    About 2000 units sold in US and 5000 units sold in europe. The vita is
    officially dead. 

  14. Im just waiting for the next Metal Gear solid game for the vita. (Besides
    the HD collection)

  15. PS4 REVIEW. NOW.

  16. review persona 4 golden

  17. Prodigy Entertainment

    The PS VITA does play music when you play games the only thing is it wont
    work for many games
    I do know for sure it works with mortal kombat and killzone mercenary and
    basically every psp game

  18. Play station all stars has cross buy feature

  19. Yes it is a definite buy ONLY ONLY ONLY if you have a PS4 because remote
    play on that is SMOOTH AS SHIT but if u only have a ps3 don’t

  20. Should I get this?

  21. Team ICO HD Collection works with remote play… Get on that!

  22. just got it over christmas, tearaway and uncharted were awesome, ill get ys
    once i finish with all the ps plus freebie

  23. Getting one tomorrow 

  24. spencer driscoll

    im getting one tomorrow also

  25. Got one two days after it came out!

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