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Sony PSP Retrospective & Review

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  1. Brady the Defiled

    This handheld is absolutely fantastic. WOW. So many great games. 

  2. Sony gave you a free PSP and every game for the first 4 years for free?????
    no wonder why you like the thing so much…

  3. I love the PSP and now games are so cheap its awesome stuff, you gotta do
    an update on this system there are so many good games and not seeing “Y’s
    seven, Y’s Oath of Felghana” if you haven’t played them you absolutely have
    to play them, best handheld games ever.

  4. you forgot the budget psp e1000 it was released after the psp go

  5. The second PSP appears to have a different circle stick. Does it feel
    better than the first PSP’s?

  6. PsP was the most expensive paper weight I ever owned. Only thing that made
    it worth owning was how easy it was to mod and load games and roms onto

  7. Can’t go wrong with the psp!

  8. There was also the psp street model. It was a cut down cheaper version..

  9. What’s the name of the song?

  10. I’m kinda bummed I sold my PSP shortly before I bought my Vita. I had the
    PSP for about 3 years and didn’t play many games on it (mostly Gran Turismo
    and the Armored Core games)

    But I learned from my mistake and I won’t sell my Vita I love that system
    do death. 

  11. I never noticed that before that nintendo’s handhelds are practically there
    previous home consoles

  12. TheC0ckPushupMaster

    I never had a problem with the analog stick I honestly dont understand why
    people dont like it that mutch.

  13. piracy both helped the system and destroyed it, i mean without piracy
    people wouldn’t have bought the system and when they bought they pirate
    games for it because it’s much easier and affordable 

  14. can you send me tony hawks underground remix i lost my copy but every place
    has it too high priced

  15. they make 128 GB micro sd cards, you can buy a psp memory card that has
    slots for 2 micro sd cards. So you could buy 2 128 GB Micro SD cards and
    have 256 Gigs on your PSP, that is fucking insane!

  16. Nintendos handhelds have been behind and disapointing since gameboy, pretty

  17. I have the original 1000 version


  19. I really like the PSP GO. If you’re looking to just play PSP and PS1 games
    you own on the ps store, personally, this is what I’d go for.

  20. And then I watch on to see its the top selling game lol

  21. Ratchet and Clank:Size Matters _ 

  22. ClassicRockstarGames

    3:05 manhunt 2 :X:X:X i love that game 

  23. As far as the analogue stick is concerned, the game that works superbly
    with it, is Mercury.

  24. Daxter! I knew it was one of psp’s best sellers.

  25. No daxter?!

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