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Metroid Prime: Hunters Nintendo DS Review – Video Review

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  1. xDonatelloMC | Road To 100 subs!

    ew i bought pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time and it had this game
    in it :(

  2. It’s also one of the 3 games in the UNIVERSE that use that blasted DS
    Rumble Pack.(Finally, I can use that thing I bought 4 YEARS ago on)

  3. Tania Diaz del Valle

    I am so getting this game!!!!!

  4. although the online multiplayer was cool, I didn’t really like this game as
    a kid. Mostly because my expectations were a bit to high. I wasn’t fond of
    this game’s story that much either. It would’ve been better if it was on a
    console like the wii or gamecube, or maybe the 3ds and wii u if they waited
    for that.

  5. My favourite game ever!! I miss it so much :'( Kanden was my fav

  6. Also… I know Metroid is kinda Nintendo Exclusive, but this is really the
    kinda thing I could see getting ported to PC… With a LOOOOOOTTT of
    Nintendo needs to make some deals to get some great games moved over, it
    may make Nintendo exclusivity a bit less important… but if it’s for
    something like this, I don’t care about Nintendo Exclusivity anymore!

  7. I think there will be a 2D Metroid for 3DS and a 3D one for Wii U. But I’d
    also like a game like Prime Hunters for the 3DS later down the line. I
    doubt it will happen but you never what could happen 4 or 5 years later.

  8. Fast-Paced, Varied Textures, Complex and amazing Models… And it appears
    to run completely Smoothly.
    Meanwhile, Dragon Quest IX is pretty un-demmanding, and lags if you have
    more than 3 or 4 3D character models on screen at once… ‘_’
    Oh, also, little company vs. big company. Wat.

  9. Still play this like a maniac. It’s a pity WFC is a goner… I have no one
    to destroy now 😛 Such an underrated game IMO.
    Will admit the DS isn’t the best platform for comfort but easily the best
    controls are with the thumb stylus – perfect compromise between precision
    of the pen stylus and easiness of the button-only aim. Good luck finding
    one though, or making one yourself?
    For those wanting to know if they should still get the game, there is ‘bot
    mode’ in multi-card multiplayer which on highest difficulty is challenging
    even to someone who has played it for 5 years (although, I am kinda a
    n00b). And single-card multiplayer is accessible I suppose.

  10. 10/10 IGN

  11. philtheblacksmith

    I want this

  12. Brings back memories of my childhood.

  13. I remember playing this game

  14. PLZ New metroid for 3DS!! I would love a new 2D one since the last 2D
    Metroid game was Zero Mission.

  15. Worst metroid game I have ever played. I hate it. But only for the
    completely shitty controls. Otherwise, if they weren’t so bad, it’d be a
    good game.

  16. Metroid on gba was amazing, Nintendo need a 2.5d Metroid, I would actually
    buy a 3ds for that game.

  17. 1:22 NSD? you mean NDS?

  18. Well you cannot enjoy this game for much longer, and the servers are going
    down soon for the DS.

  19. Seeing this game for the first time now. It’s really too bad that Nintendo
    is going to shut down online play for DS games in May 2014 else I would’ve
    given it a shot. Guess it’s best to start hoping for a 3DS version!

  20. Does this game support single cart download play multiplayer?

  21. Still have to pick this is up sometime.

  22. This guy sounds REALLY boring.

  23. They need to make another on 3ds

  24. damn this game is absolutely amazing. the controls are so good and online
    is the best

  25. I’m planning on getting this game. Do a good amount of people still play

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