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Sony Playstation 4 Revisited! [Six months later]

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  1. So now when Destiny is released, what do you think about it on PS4? How’s
    the FPS and resolution?
    I have it on PS3 and I love it, will probably buy a PS4 later this year
    just to play Destiny on it.

  2. Is the blue light of death in 2014 ps4 models too?

  3. Awesome cinematography man! One thing I wish they would fix would be the
    way you turn off the system, it doesn’t pop that annoying little message:
    “Are you sure you want to turn off the PS4?” Don’t know how many times I’ve
    turned off my system, hahaha.

  4. Dem shots tho

  5. The gold wireless headsets are good you will like them. You will feel like
    you are really in the game with them on.. P.s. Good review bro as

  6. Can you hear the fan on your PS4 when playing a game ? I replaced my last
    one cause of the fan noise and the one I have now is the same.. Idk if it’s
    normal or not.

  7. Really love these shots & angles at the beginning! 

  8. Christian e cauã

    Wo May god

  9. Christian Villasenor

    I switched to and for the same reason

  10. Сархан Рустамов

    Well, actually, Destiny is 1080p and 30 fps on both PS4 and Xbox One

  11. Christopher Phillips

    camera, camera, camera, camera, camera lol.. we get it. you were talkin
    about the camera 

  12. Dude you’re awesome! That video was both informative and aesthetically

  13. You can better buy the game physical because this ads more value to the ps4
    if your a going to sell it 

  14. Samay Shamdasani

    Hey man, what camera and lens do you use? Those shots were awesome! Great
    work as always

  15. Great videos and great visuals. You have a new subscriber; keep up the
    great work.

  16. Jadyn Frankentein

    Awesome vids! Keep up the great.. Scratch that….Amazing work on your

  17. “at launch it didn’t have any must have games” -still doesn’t. 

  18. I officially made ma decision, thxs….I needa get 2k nd UFC doe 

  19. Great video mate!

  20. I’m going to get this with one extra controller but of blue color.. I’ve
    seen Blue colored Controller and also Red colored in person and it looks
    super cool..So blue and in box black color controller gonna look great
    together.. Also gonna laminate the glossy side with a transparent sheet
    which comes in roll which is super easy to change as it get scratched..

    Anyways Gonna get PS Plus for me too .. Great video man.. 

  21. My brother owes me one since the launch, we made a bet and I won so hes
    getting for my bday, ONE FREAKING YEAR LATER!!!!

  22. Destiny runs at 30 fps and 1080p on both Xbox One and PS4. Nice review
    though, i own a PS4 and you make good points.

  23. very nice video dude 🙂 

  24. i like this guy… he’s not a fanboy

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