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Playstation 3 Review (PS3): The Truth

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  1. I got Playstation 3 320GB at last since I’m been busy on recreation. I
    still got old original Xbox and still working but it already outdated and
    unable to connect on live so sad. Now I play Ps3 and were having fun and I
    don’t know why it’s so big capacity of gigs because maybe it need to store
    somethings. . I feel no stress myself. But Xbox, I do feel stress but I’m
    not sure what makes me so stress and uneasy. It’s just to enjoy games and
    makes more good decision.

  2. Im honestly not the one to hate on either consoles 360 or ps3 but everyone
    knows that nintendo is a dying company, so stop having a debate on which is
    better. Hate on nintendo’s shit. Nuff said

  3. some body help if i go to a store and i buy a hdmi cable does it hve to say
    for ps3 or all hdmi cables are the same

  4. Damn..in Malaysia PS3 worth RM750-RM850..that is three times than in

  5. I own them both and each one has good and bad things about it So don’t
    judge something be4 trying it

  6. love it love it

  7. I got mine for heavy rain

  8. @TheTimeTravelSpartan your not alone

  9. This actually seems more of a ps3 add than a review

  10. shit this guy is a cop!!! Everyone scram!!!

  11. TheTheRealBeast007

    @apsodi755 you are just trying to get thumbs up too bad i thumb down :/


  13. @sonickun95 uh when in my comment did i say even say a single word that is
    related to halo? -.- i dont even have a 360 i just think mgs4 look boring
    as crap a similar game called uncharted 2 looks wayyyyyyy more fun

  14. I was just viewing reviews because I’ve finally save enough money to buy a
    cousin a good present. After viewing this review and the rest I’ve got to
    ask. Honestly what ps3 can do that a powerful PC cannot? Playstation should
    have remained a gaming console. So what: buy a ps3 and throw PC through the
    window? I have nothing against PS3 but what is the point of buying a
    console that can act like a computer.

  15. 3:36 Did everyone run out of ammo at the same time?

  16. You can’t play part on 3

  17. 3:02 i knew that this is gonna be metal gear solid :3

  18. Xbox online + ps3 exclusives = BEAST

  19. that game is why im going to buy one too

  20. Mgs4 look like a boring ass game I wouldn’t even want to play it even if I
    got it for free

  21. I bought the PS3 for the same reason XD

  22. PS3 & Xbox 360= <3333

  23. @Mokiimo and you can o and writie on youtube like you just did, save
    images, movies and alot of stuff

  24. Uncharted series,god of war,littlebig planet,Twisted Metal,Revamped Rachet
    and Clank, Killzone series,Heavy Rain,Demon Souls,Gran Tourismo
    series,Infamous 1 and 2,Metal Gear Solid 4,Revamped Sly Cooper Series,Star
    Hawk and War Hawk,Wipe Out,Yakuza series, what did you say??

  25. @sonicball7702 yes it is FuckUxBox360isTrash’n’ DEAD BIOTCHES. souljaboy is
    a Fag bTW. all rppers and homies are bi sexuals and are actually
    unisexuals. To those homies that means you can get off multiply by yourself
    with your xBoxes

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