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Xbox One Advanced Warfare Bundle: Unboxing & Review!

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  1. Jonathan Morrison

    Advanced Warfare Xbox One Winner has been selected -> http://bit.ly/13JcSkf

  2. Jonathan Morrison

    Advanced Warfare Xbox One Bundle Unboxing anyone? Let’s find out if this is
    worth picking up! 

  3. Looks like my fucking DVD player

  4. So many people getting paid to do this lmao even ijustine did this wow 

  5. Dose batteries. MMMM :]
    Great video as always Jon!

  6. :O

  7. Did every Youtuber get the X1 for free? Lol seems like every tech youtuber
    has this COD Bundle….

  8. Love your channel. You deserve so many more subs!

  9. Hands down best video quality on youtube. How?

  10. Upload a gameplay!

  11. An actual physical copy of the game in a “Limited Edition” casing would
    have made WAYYYYY better! Come On Microsoft!

  12. 1:30 get it. Looks killer. Like call of duty, punny 

  13. awesome! video!

  14. Awesome vid man. I would love me one of those consoles. 

  15. Rayson Sebastian

    Nice controller really cool looking

  16. Nice VHS machine.

  17. Superb vid but next time don’t crop out your upper body huehue

  18. Kevin’s Youtube Channel does not exist according the the Giveaway page 🙂

    I never win anything but hey at least it is worth a try :)

  19. Awesome Video!

  20. That’s a really nice camera you use to record with.

  21. That’s a pretty decked out VCR, go Microsoft

  22. Would of got it if there wasn’t a qr code on it. Lol jk 

  23. Dat so sexy

  24. great unboxing and review!

  25. PS4 is still better…

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