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Nintendo Wii U Review

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  1. videogameobsession

    Enjoying the Wii U, but I wish Nintendo would update and add more features
    to the firmware. 1. Allow you to turn off the Wii U pad when using the
    Nintendo Pro Controller… why should we have to keep it turned on and
    waste battery life, wear down the LCD screen when we aren’t even looking at
    it. 2. Figure out a way to control Wii games with the Wii U pad and Pro
    Controllers. I still play a few games like Punch-Out!! and SSBB on it and I
    have never liked the Wii Remote. 3. Add way more Virtual Console games to
    the Wii U. I have no idea why they are holding back these games during a
    slow sales time. The need to add Neo-Geo, Genesis, N64, etc.. They should
    mirror everything available on the Wii’ s VC store.

  2. Thanks im looking in to getting one this reveiw helped me dicide

  3. It’s okay.

  4. Update review plz.

  5. Hearing this makes me want the console even more

  6. All Problems he is mentioning are fixed with an update already.

  7. Bruce Wayne tries the Wii U White Edition , Nintendo : What Do You Think ?
    Bruce : Does it Come in Black ? lol

  8. Lol look how much things have changed in a year. The Wii u is dead.

  9. blakehascake6645

    i think you meant 8th gen console

  10. Nicholas Daskievige

    Nintendo is going to release NDS games to the Wii U 

  11. U ment 21st gen man n good review

  12. SuperStaticGamer

    2ds or wii u?

  13. Wii u is great!!

  14. Charlie McCollum

    The load times a now shorter cus if a update

  15. I hate the load times

  16. Ugh… I’m a bit concerned. I’ll probably get this thing soon with extra
    external Hard Drives. But reality is… 2.0 USB External Hard Drives are
    now somewhat rare and dated… this thing doesn’t take 3.0 HDD does it?


  18. we got our son a 2DS for Christmas, going to collect a few more games for
    it and an XL… but in Spring we’re getting a Wii U and we’ll start
    collecting controllers and games for next holiday season. We never had a
    Wii, and we just recently got back into gaming with a PS3. I don’t have
    cable, and won’t be doing any online gaming. I have small kids just
    getting old enough for gaming as well. For what we need/want out of a game
    system, Nintendo is the best for us right now. I already have a decent
    collection of PS3 titles and there are plenty more “mature” titles on PS3,
    as well as a few on the U that I want. I am also sure that the Nintendo
    titles will be great for kids and parents alike! Will the Wii U play a
    game on the game pad and a Netflix show on the TV at the same time? Thanks
    for the review, our neighbors have a Wii, it’s well used and old, and they
    use it every day, for Netflix. I am thinking this would be great for both
    of our houses, so I plan to get two soon, I’m blown away by what gaming
    offers after a 5-6 year break, with the help of many YouTube videos and
    some internet blogs and forums, I’ve learned a lot to get caught up.
    Thanks again for the video, and helping folks make a good decision.

  19. Adam O’brein yeah RIGHT

  20. thanks showed this to my mom………… Thanks for the christmas gift .LOL

  21. I have ps3,ps4,Xbox 360 Xbox one 3ds XL 2ds and the wii u

  22. I have a hard time to either get a wii u or a ps4.

  23. Wii u duh 

  24. Do you have a psp review 

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