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Classic Game Room – NINTENDO 3DS XL console review

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  1. TheArcadeProductions

    the PSP’s better.

  2. I have the Zelda XL. Beautiful machine. To think I was considering a Vita

  3. XL is the only one worth getting. Better screens, better battery life,
    larger SD card included. I’m not sure why they’re making the smaller ones
    anymore when they just don’t stack up. It’s like comparing the original DS
    to the DS Lite. :|

  4. Just picked up one myself! Love the Mario 3D game.

  5. Dan the Man | Funny Videos!

    I fucking knew he would give him the gamecom xD

  6. The 3DS XL is far supeior to the 3DS

  7. I wanted to get a 3DS for like a month ago but I worked and got a PS4 last
    week instead. I think I’ll still get a 3DS for the awesome RPG’s. I don’t
    really like Pokemon, Mario and Smash Bros. 

  8. What were those 2D anime-ish sidescroller and space shooter games he was

  9. moniquepetrucci81

    I like the 3ds xl but I don’t use the 3d. I think that was just a gimmick. 

  10. I like the 2DS the most. Its really confortable and it doesn’t have that
    stupid hinge that wears down and breaks.

  11. Honestly there are a few problems with the xl such as can’t fit in pocket
    and I prefer the shiny 3ds

  12. Totally worth it. I’ve had my black XL for a year now and it is an exellent
    system. Smash bros is going to be amazing on a handheld.

  13. xl has inferior speakers and breaks more easily and it’s screen has dead

  14. We have two of these. My son has the blue one and my daughter has the pink

  15. Endless Infamita

    You mean hardly fits in your pockets 

  16. looks terrific, it might the first handheld i will buy.

  17. 2:55 which game is that?

  18. I might get a 3DS XL down the line.
    But i noiced that when i compare the DSi and DSi XL side by side, the
    colors are better on the DSi. I guess the screen being larger on a Xl is a
    tad lower quality to keep cost low.
    Does the 3DS XL suffer the same with a slightly lower quality screen in
    exchange for a size suited for ppl older than 8 year old :P

  19. What game wat at 3:37?

  20. Mikey Braunstein

    I didn’t think that this guy was still on youtube

  21. I’ve had the OG 3ds since launch. Is it time to upgrade for Smash bros? If
    I get an XL I’d have to sell my current launch 3ds, and I’m clingy to a lot
    of items, especially old things, so it’s not easy to just sell things for

  22. I fixed my battery life of my regular 3DS with an extended one from best
    buy. The XL would be a lot more superior if they put in that 2nd analog
    stick they promised.

  23. What’s the game at 3:36 :)?

  24. Ok, now I NEED an XL

  25. I cant understand why people buy this type of console,the screen resolution
    and dpi is terrible,the games looks like atari games,Instead you can buy an
    android tablet with full hd screen and you can play nice games as dead
    triger 2 or real racing 3 and list goes on with graphics equal to
    console.Just cant understand

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