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Slim PSVita 2000 Review & My Big Decision

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  1. Hey Marc, do you think it’s worth buying the Vita just for Remote Play? I
    love the feature of playing PS4 Games on the PS Vita and i don’t really
    care bout PS Vita games.

  2. I have to say, color reproduction looks awful on the original Vita from
    this video. Much more realistic on the slim model. OLED screens always seem
    to have this. . . bluish hue to them.

  3. The OLED are organic and they degrade over time. If you leave your
    original vita on for long periods of time, you will have burn-in. Google
    Vita burn-in. Or google Amoled burn in.
    Sony made the right choice for adopting LCD for the slim.
    I just imported a Lime Vita slim and I love it. I also bought a 64gb card.
    This will soon match my ps4 destiny bundle haha

  4. i agree its not worth the upgrade, esp if you already have an old vita !! 

  5. Fred Billardball

    I believe they got rid of the led screen to increase the charge

  6. This was a harder decision than ‘Sophie’s Choice’

  7. Bertram Hilhorst

    If I am new to the vita, would I then be better off getting the new one?
    I mean, I don’t really care about graphics mostly if I don’t know any
    Please answer!

  8. Take a drink every time he says “Playstation Vita”. You’ll be drunk in

  9. mateusz dudzinski

    @Rhiorrha Yeah I’m curious too about that

  10. Better ergonomics, lesser weight, better face buttons and aesthetics >
    Better screen. It’s a portable device…

  11. Hey guys, the screen on my original ps vita cracked, and I found an almost
    perfect condition used original PS Vita at my local Gamestop. Should I get
    that or should I get the borderlands 2 bundle with the new vita? I really
    like the old OLED screen better, but then again, with used, anything could
    go wrong (and who knows who was touching that thing.)

  12. My battery lasts me 2days

  13. the problem with the new ps vita is that it has an lcd screen. which uses
    more battery life, and has no truly rich colors or blacks. it uses more
    battery life than an oled because it uses a bulky backlight that doesnt use
    leds (hence, the bone white, and flushed colors). oled displays dont have
    backlights, they have the screen produce its own backlighting along with
    the colors. with that being said, the screen puts out a fluorescent light
    which would give true colors, like pure white, pure black, and richer
    brighter colors. so its great, especially if you’re out and about, where
    the sun is directly over your screen… since oleds are plastic and not
    glass, they wont produce as much glare from the sun. and they also give out
    brighter colors, along with better viewing angles… even though oled
    displays arent as good as plasma displays, they’re still a lot better than
    “new” lcd displays they currently have out 

  14. mateusz dudzinski

    U can charge the slim vita with a portable every USB charger . For me its
    the win

  15. Nice vid. But don’t tell me what to do

  16. how much is the ps vita slim?

  17. Hi Marc can you please reply asap. I want to buy a Vita Slim and i also
    want to buy 2 physical game cards but i’m not going to buy a memory card
    yet. So if next time i add a memory card where the game data will go? Will
    it transfer the data to the memory card?

  18. I can hardly tell the difference between the OLED and LCD screen.

  19. Can I have your slim


  20. spec wise the ps vita wether it’s original or the new one is already great.
    It’s alot superior than the 3DS. the only thing holding back people from
    buying them is the lack of games. an i mean games made specifacly for the
    console. not some old ports of games.

  21. Michael Jordan Flores

    PSV 2000 screen is not that bad as this guy is saying , I love the 2000
    better than the first model. It looks cooler.

  22. Apparently the new PS Vita is easier to see in direct sunlight. I call
    complete BS. The old PS Vita, weirdly enough is brighter than the new PS

    And about the OLED vs LCD battle; LCD can be done right. It can be made to
    look about as good as OLED. Unfortunately, the new PS Vita is certainly not
    an example of this. Disappointing for sure; it makes it feel like an
    incomplete upgrade.

  23. Hour battery? Why did IGN say it was up 7 hours on a full charge?

  24. I also think that the ps vita original better slim, thanks Mark!)

  25. So one downgrade throws away a whole bunch of other upgrades? No offense
    but I own BOTH models, and honestly, I love the VITA 2000 more than my
    1000. And I never expected this. Yes the screen isn’t a vivid, but in
    return, we won’t suffer from burn-ins, (all OLEDS get it) we can see it
    better when were outside, and LCDs will last LONGER over time, than OLED
    screens will, and my battery life has went up almost 3 hours on a full
    charge to almost 11 hours of gameplay, whereas my 1000 lasts a good 7-8.
    If you’re a new-comer to the VITA, get the 2000, because you’ll have better
    battery life, and your screen will last longer than an OLED.

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