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Sony PSP E1000 Unboxing / Review

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Super Travel Case for PSP - PlayStation Portable (Black)

  • Super Travel Case for PSP - PlayStation Portable General Features: Black case
  • Rubber exterior and nylon interior Zippered enclosure
  • Mesh compartments for UMD discs, headphones, or other PSP accessories Unit Dimensions:
  • 1.75 x 7.5 x 4-inches (H x W x D) Regulatory Approvals: CE
Constructed ofdurable rubber exterior, this Super Travel Case is designed to protect your PSP from everyday wear and tear! Inside this case are two separate compartments that is divided by a flap with slots that holds two UMD discs. There is an additional slot for storing up to 4 UMD disks or other small accessories such as headphones. This Super Travel Case provides maximum interior space and protection for your PSP . Order today! Check out the review from Tuxtops.com !



  1. It’s basically a basic version of the psp slim not vita one the one before

  2. I bought the Psp e1004 and it’s amazing.
    It’s totally worth the 100$! :D

  3. The umd case of the psp e1004 is pretty cool……

  4. Psp e1004

  5. Psp e1004 is the best wifi no problem

  6. Are u gotta play the usa psp games on that psp e1000

  7. does the e-1000 have PlayStation network?

  8. שליו זוהר

    What was that game ?

  9. Good psp !

  10. I liked the way you didn’t know anything about the psp yet, that really
    gives a good view for the ‘unexperienced’ gamer, like me :p

  11. Ya i figured dat out

  12. How old are you?

  13. are you able to change the wallpaper colour

  14. Oh it is, is it? And I suppose you have one? -_-

  15. Gregory Grigoris

    i bought one in april and it was ofw 6.60

  16. Danut Antonio Buga

    u have right with that …. but sony copy Nintendo with touch screen and
    that is a problem i don’t know why they put touch screen . without was more

  17. ThePCgamesdownloads

    is it the newest model or the old????

  18. TheCalinstelistu

    what happends if you select “Infrastructure” mode in a game, in psp e1000

  19. if you want some advice get a carry case cos i had two and they broke i got
    one on the third and it still works fine just thought id point that out

  20. Erm…. Great…. And your point is…?

  21. getting it for my birthday as well 😀

  22. Should i go for psp e1004 or psp 2000 ?

  23. Benjamin Pajarito Cugiani

    Psp 1004 WINER

  24. What was that game ?

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