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Mario Kart DS Nintendo DS Review – Video Review

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  1. Jeremiah Blackstock

    This is IGN’s 25th favorite modern game

  2. The day Nintendo makes a Mario Kart that surpasses this game, I WILL cry
    tears of joy :’)

  3. Haruhaii Haruworth

    Search mkdasher on YouTube, he’s awesome at this game.

  4. mario kart DS-most overrated mario kart game. very crappy for its time,
    terrible graphics, only 12 characters, and the gameplay was only snaking
    and spamming items…looks like mario kart ds is not the “best in the
    series”. mario kart double dash and mario kart wii are so much better.
    mario kart 8 will dominate them all.

  5. AdmirableSage20v1

    is online for this game just people you know or is it set up to where you
    can search for random people?

  6. I am a bad person for hating this game, aren’t i? But I personally feel
    that every mario kart is better in some way except track design this game
    has in my opinion the 2nd best track design in the series.

  7. Spent that many hours on this game

  8. I’m sorry but these graphics are god awful.

  9. Oh how I miss this game

  10. i got mario kart 7

  11. i got a new ds its blue i got super scribble snouts for it

  12. Really all the game is doing in multiplayer is sending the information for
    your player and receiving the information for the track and other players.
    Not too CPU intensive, but may be connection intensive. As for becoming a
    game developer, I’d recommend using a software tool first to get used to
    making games, and then move on to learning a programming language second.
    The software I started out with was Multimedia Fusion 2, then later I
    learned C++ and Java (though C++ is best for games)

  13. You can’t help but appreciate the graphics of Mario Kart 7 so much more
    after seeing what it used to be on DS…

  14. So many polygons…

  15. DiaryOfATedlyKid

    You’re awesome IGN!!

  16. This is a review from Craig!! 🙂

  17. @anandihouben Agreed. MK7’s graphics are better than the wii.

  18. Most boring review EVER!!

  19. @MrWiiFanatic they reviewed it back in like 04 but they just posted the
    video review on youtube like a couple months ago

  20. r.o.b was like a surprise character in mario kart ds

  21. Thumbs Up if you have a copy of Mario Kart DS yet decided to watch a review
    of it anyway.

  22. I gave the one on 3ds but my 3ds is broke:[ I still like the the game you
    shown here:]

  23. cheeseymonkeystudio2

    Just a bit

  24. Really? I’d figure that after all the random inputs the game has to put in
    for multiplayer? Well, thank you for informing me. Could you explain the
    steps to becoming a game developer, Its always been a personal dream of

  25. I know it say’s 360p but lol it’s one line of video SMH! 120p and shiit lol

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