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How To Build an Extreme High Performance Quiet Gaming PC

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  1. I still hav a pc with basic DOS in my garage from IBM and I’m using a
    windows 95 for CSS

  2. Uim to poor for the pc can’t even afford the power for it :(

  3. Yo dawg, I heard you like fans. 

  4. …took me ages to find you video -_- don’t worry I subscribed. i miss
    watching this video.

  5. Want every thing else besides the placement of that huge ass heat sink and
    graphics card and how much this damn thing cost i know the case is 219

  6. I would recommend that the CPU is placed upside-down on the metal part
    rather than on the pins because its VERY easy to bend the small pins and if
    you do, your CPU will not work.

  7. This does not teach anything about building a silent computer. In fact if
    it teaches anything about silent computers at all is how to place the fans
    inefficiently. This should be renamed to how to put a computer together or
    how to mount computer parts.

  8. hey nice kage but it is bad that u bought 2 gtx 580 you could buy amd r9
    280x it is vay better 

  9. now the cpu has dust all over again. you should have installed the brackets
    first before you installed the mobo. many are saying that spreading method
    is not good, but its our technique. the heatsink should be place sideways,
    its choking man, plus it will look cool seeing the fans. revise your video
    man. im just saying.

  10. how much the items cost ?

  11. Guys, don’t do what he did!!!! He put the CPU chip on the table. You’ll
    risk damaging it!

  12. Senpai Nooberinho

    retarted cpu fan placement…. the gap between fan and graphics card is too
    damn small!!! there is so much obstruction in the air flow through the cpu
    radiator…. plain stupid placement… i would’ve placed it from front of
    the case (outer fan) towards back, that way it would be much more reliable
    cooling… but hey, I’m not the idiot doing this stupid mistake… 

  13. make sure to make sure

  14. not the chimaera 5.1, such a dreadful headset!

  15. glossy monitors are the worst

  16. Just don’t agree with the case chosen. Cable management on the Zalman is a
    nightmare. Should have gone with Corsair, or Fractal. It’s also
    coyote-ugly. Great video. Thanks for all your research, and work. Cheers!

  17. Dear Santa…. Please give me a new computer for fun time on the couch

  18. dude this vid was 2011

  19. Yes it does, every new AMD CPU heatsink comes with it.

  20. cyberpowerpc. c o m

  21. attitudewithoutacause

    Its all overkill.

  22. Not to be rude but. Are you COMPLETELY sure? I have to know exact processor
    he uses to not make it any worse (lower quality than his). thx!

  23. Can you please email me all the parts name ? Ferdaws99@hotmail.co.uk

  24. Idiots this video was made 3 years ago.

  25. personally, i dont care about noise..

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