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Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) unboxing, setup & system config video

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  1. Happy birthday to the PlayStation 4! My unboxing came out a year ago today
    and now has 2.5 million views; meanwhile, my Xbox One unboxing doesn’t have
    even 1 million. Will the gap only expand in the second year of #PS4 vs.
    #XboxOne ?

  2. Moments ago, my PS4 unboxing overtook the Wii U as my most popular video to
    date. It did in four months what took the Wii U sixteen. The console wars
    are most definitely here!!

  3. Do u have to pay for online??

  4. +Gamebits I got a question what website did u use to create your psn ? Plz

  5. But how

  6. PSN still charges your credit card?! Can you change that so it doesn’t or
    does it have to charge by our credit card? And why does it charge your
    credit card? Can someone explain. I’m getting a ps4 for Christmas and I
    don’t want it to charge my credit card.

  7. Gamebits what is better Xbox one or ps4 

  8. Do I need a credit card to redeem a 3 month card or any other cards?

  9. Earned a new subscriber :)

  10. wait is that micro usb the same as the one used by iphone 5s?

  11. Do most TVs have HMD1 

  12. So its free to play on psn

  13. How r u able to afford so many systems then if u can’t make a giveaway 

  14. Daniel Christiansen

    The ps4 is so damn ugly right guys? It’s ugly because it’s divided in two.

  15. Do you need to pay to watch Twitch?

  16. if you want to make a psn account and connect online but dont play
    multiplayer, do you still need to buy psn

  17. You showed all the codes

  18. Holy shit look at all the dust on that already!

  19. can we use AV to connect to tv or HDMI only?

  20. Hey is internet connection mandatory cause i have the worst internet
    connection because of my region therefore i dont wan to connect can i do

  21. Nice video by the way iam going to buy a ps4 and I was wondering if i
    should have a credit card or not and I have a second question… can you
    give some information about the PSN is it free or not and also the play
    station plus.thanks 

  22. Do you get Netflix with PS+ 

  23. Ryan sharp-brailey

    Why do you take forever to do everything

  24. just all i can say is that thanks so much u are perfect thanks again

  25. can i connect to internet with wi-fi ?

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