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GTA5 Xbox One/PS4 Review Commentary

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  1. Why are the graphics so bad I thought this was next gen, sure there is a
    difference but not much. also why is it 30fps? are consoles this bad?

  2. Still a shitload of pop ins, what a waste of money. I’ll stick to the PC
    version that won’t have these issues.

  3. Divine PC Master Race.Bow to your God, filthy console peasants.

    *Console peasants,bow before the master race.We laugh at you as we max out
    our games at 1920×1080 Ultra with a buttery 60fps..PC GTAV will make this
    look like a psp game.. Your pitiful unstable 30fps and medium graphics are
    not worthy of my time…My gfx card is more powerful than 3 ps4’s, how

  4. And I’ll be sitting there with max settings, 120 fps with a shit ton of
    awesome mods.

    Poor peasants, still stuck in the past.

  5. in january i will get this game, but not the game you see here, a game that
    has much better graphics, numerous mods, and of course, all for free 😉

    thank you consoles for being the PC master race’s piggy bank

  6. My PC’s specifications are as follows:

    1. Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.66 GHz (can overclock to 4.0 GHz)

    2. Asus P6T SE Motherboard.

    3. OCZ Gold 3 x 2GB DDR3 SD RAM.

    4. ASUS AMD HD 7970 (3GB GDDR5 VRAM)

    5. Corsair 750W PSU.

    How well will I be able to run this game at 1920 x 1080?

  7. Knowing me I’m going to all the hoods & shooting shit up. && online I’m
    robbing everyone who pre ordered the game & got money for it. Yessir!!!

  8. I still don’t like the idea of a First Person mode in the game. It just
    doesn’t fit in the GTA series.

  9. Lol so riddicoulos that PS4 and XB1, the SO STRONG “Next-Gen-Consoles”
    can’t handle Real-Time-Reflections in the rear and side mirrors. Hope this
    feature is implemented in the PC version then and if not there will be a
    mod for it 😀 

  10. The game dissapointed me enormously. When everyone stops jacking off to
    Rockstar they’ll notice certain things. Damage to cars is still none
    existent, apparently crashing at top speed in to another car or a wall
    causes no damage what so ever. The environments are still indestructible,
    you’ll die if you crash into a bush. Driving in first person is damn near
    impossible. If you didn’t play online last time around you get NO new
    weapons or cars at all, so you’re still stuck with the same shit from last
    gen. The missions haven’t changed, no new lines or anything have been added
    which makes playing through the exact same game immensely boring. That’s
    just the tip of the ice berg tbh. Don’t waste your money, I’ll be selling
    my copy second hand.

  11. I wish cars had a manual, manual with clutch or automatic option, would be
    really cool. 

  12. im sitting here waiting for gta 5 to finish installing

  13. Both these guys have Brian damage,.. 

  14. Pc guys always rage about how PCs is so much better but at the end of the
    day the reason more people have console is that it’s easier to use and
    people get what there mates have 

  15. Lol, Xbox ftw! No ps4, no Xbox. Then, bow down to the master race pc, Lmao.
    Yu are all nerds! put the controller down go outside and get some Sun for
    Christ’s sake!

  16. xbox sucks

  17. Is there animals in gta online

  18. Youtoobpoopfreak

    What FPS would a GTX 660 be able to achieve?

  19. Sure the graphics are better, sure you get first person mode, sure draw
    distances are further, sure you get more npc’s, sure there is more foilage,
    but there’s still WAY too much water.


  20. Lol.. PC fanboys really need a hug..You gotta love the lack of attention
    the sad PC fanboys have.. That inferiority complex lol… PC have the best
    hardware and everybody knows it, but they still have to go and explain why
    they are better and make a point saying it everytime lol… Fanboys are the
    worst thing ever lol..

  21. 1080p on PS4, 720p on Litterbox One

  22. rockstar once again releases a broken gta online. if they dont fix things
    within 4 days im trading my game

  23. 99% of commenters: stop watching a video about PS4/XBOX if you play on pc,
    why does it even matter to you?

    1% (me) : i play games for fun, and i dont care if its looks better on
    something else.

    *realizes no one is going to care and just hate on comment*

    *deletes comment*

  24. BlooddancerLegion

    Also, to all you PC vs. Console kids, lrn2vidjya, quiturbitchin. I bought
    this on 360, just got it on XBone (amazeballs), and will also be getting it

  25. I like how Rockstar makes Ps4 their priority :)

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