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Destiny review PS4 Xbox One PS3 and Xbox360

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  1. Destiny review time, what is everyone thinking so far? Enjoying it, bored

  2. Destiny review time, what is everyone thinking so far? Enjoying it, bored

  3. Why is he whispering 

  4. Everything about this video is honest and correct. As someone who
    occasionally plays (and sometimes enjoys, especially SWAT mode) Halo I can
    honestly say I would rather play that. Quickly realised how poorly
    designed the boss fights and enemies are, when two friends and I took on a
    higher level boss, simply by shooting him repeatedly, then running back
    into a room to regain health, then running back in. Rinse and repeat. And
    for some reason the boss mobs wouldn’t bother to follow us all the way into
    the room, and those that stood quite close would despawn after 20 seconds
    or so. Quite shocking to be honest. The only enjoyment came from us
    laughing about just how ridiculous what we were doing and how long it took.

  5. Here is my review of Destiny

  6. To be honest you obviously don’t enjoy these games and you didn’t spend
    enough time playing it 

  7. I would have to agree with you but maybe update your review when the raids
    have been released.

  8. Ok here is my Destiny Review, can you guess what my final verdict is?

  9. 1st

  10. I think the review is a bit harsh..its a beautiful game to look at and
    dynamics work well. I guess the presentation is excellent however u do find
    that the maps/missions dont have any variety and its the same thing over
    and over..so i doubt this game will have lasting appeal unfortuantely

  11. Marques Atkinson


  12. Fantastic review. Games like Destiny are killing the art of game design and
    really illustrate the incestuous relationship the gaming press have with
    the major publishers. I read an article last week in the newspaper about
    how “Destiny is the future of gameplay”, which read like a press release
    from the publisher itself rather than someone who actually understands game
    design and mechanics. This really has to stop, with the incredible hardware
    we have now there really is no excuse for these tired game design templates
    which treat the gaming medium like passive entertainment.

  13. This is pretty much how much how I felt after the beta. Glad I dodged this
    purchase (I learnt from the over-hype of watch dogs perhaps!).

  14. This guy sounds like Mark Cerny.

  15. I knew I would be right about this game I didnt even play the beta and I
    was able to realize how boring this game looked 

  16. I’m starting to agree with you. The footage you’ve captured also looks dull
    as dish water. How disappointing. I’m not even gonna consider it. 

  17. I think it’s pretty good. 8/10 or 8.5/10, but it can’t hold a candle to

  18. It’s nothing groundbreaking but it’s a solid, enjoyable fps. Basically what
    I expected, I’ve played mmo’s in the past so don’t have any thing to
    compare it to. I’d give it 7.5 out of 10.

  19. Destiny Review PS4 Xbox One PS3 and Xbox360 here is our final review of
    Destiny. In another time Destiny would of been ground breaking in so many

  20. All that anticipation I had for this game, based only on Bungie’s Halo
    legacy went south pretty fast as I started to play. It is indeed a
    beautiful handsome engine, but it has no “soul” if it could be called that.
    One of the biggest disappointments of the year… wondering if Staten’s
    departure from Bungie had anything to do with this debacle.

  21. I don’t get how campaign mission structure and story are not nearly as good
    as Halo. Bungie did a fantastic job there, and here, they took a step back.
    Maybe the people that went from Bungie to 343 were really good. Speaking of
    343, I hope Marty O’Donnell goes there. 

  22. I agree with almost everything the only part that I didn’t agree with is
    with the maps being repeated. They are repetitive but to be honest halo was
    more repetitive in their maps and almost every game is repetitive too in
    call of duty all they do is cut down the map from the campaign and move a
    few things around. So In my opinion I believe that this is not an issue
    because every game has lots of repetition.

  23. Change the voice.

  24. Pretty solid review. Its a lot of grinding and its the same missions over
    and over again, I have to do 50 strikes so thats not really my idea of a
    good time.

  25. The good ol’ QUAKE III ARENA is better and more fun than this. Honestly.

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