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Nintendo Wii U Review by Zakerystrife – My first Next Generation Console

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  1. I like my PS4 but I really want to play games on my Wii U because of the
    touch controller game functions will add to game content that the PS4
    can’t. I buy PS4 exclusives and games that won’t come to the Wii U. I
    basically have a dual support system for my gaming needs. Oh tripple
    counting my Mac/PC.

  2. Very helpful. Im still struggling to figure out which console ill be
    getting, and I’ve been looking at the wii u for a while now, and im
    starting to hear the same things about the system being surprisingly
    entertaining. By the way, how long does the pad controller last with the
    extended battery? 

  3. Exactly my thoughts you got Nintendo blood in you and so do I

  4. The gamepads mic can actually be used for online gaming…. Ive been using
    it for Monster Hunter 3 U….

  5. Wind Waker is only 30 fps. But still gorgeous and runs pretty nice.

  6. GamingOnTheRaidar

    I defenetly recomend picking up a Pro Controller, It has an 80 hour battery
    life, im not even kidding, its crazy! And nomatter what, pick up
    Wonderful101 and Pikmin 3 if you havent already. These games are amazing
    little gems and are great for hardcore gamers since they are quite
    challanging (espesialy Wonderful101) If you havent already, try picking up
    some Wii Remotes allong with Nintendo Land. Its a great party game that
    shows off what the Gamepad’s second screen can be used in with single and
    multiplayer games. Great for family and friends alike. I hope you enjoy
    your Wii U and hope you get Super Mario 3D World~ Wii U truely is a great

  7. it does take standard 3.5mm jack

  8. Wait the Ginger Overload Lied!?! He got a Wii U!
    Get ZombieU and review that for us please?

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