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CGR Undertow – ASSASSIN’S CREED IV: BLACK FLAG review for Nintendo Wii U

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  1. AC4 on the wii u is a bad port
    the frame rate constantly chokes…
    the graphics will glitch out at times…
    its BS, the wii u can handle a game like this but ubisoft screwed it up

  2. I don’t understand why most of the AC fanbase doesn’t like this game. It is
    arguably of the best and most innovatively fun AC games to date and is my
    personal favorite. 

  3. 16 Bit Video Game Review

    Hold the L3 and R3 buttons and you can play on the GamePad.

  4. Алан Танделов

    I was AC fan until this game. F*cking sea battles is annoying as hell. 

  5. Why do reviewers keep saying the entire Caribbean. It’s just the North and
    it doesn’t even include all the Greater Antilles. 

  6. Bad Framerate and no DLC. Why do third parties not care about the wii u? 

  7. It’s like Sly 3

  8. Lol.This game is a poor man’s wind waker

  9. is this better on ps4 or wii u?

  10. Im currently addicted to this game its all I’ve been playing for the past
    week. Its a shame this will probably be the wii u’s last assassin’s creed I
    honestly think this is a hidden gem for wii u owners

  11. Fucking dlcs What tha fuck

  12. Everyone who loves multiplayer games should read this:

    I bought this game for the multiplayer, since I love the AC games for their
    Got it at it’s first day of release and I’m still playing it. The
    multiplayer is so much fun, if Ubisoft would’ve made the servers better,
    then I’d find it the best multiplayer ever. Too bad there can sometimes be
    quite some lagg and some glitches every now and then. Still definitely
    worth the price and I haven’t even touched the single player yet.

  13. First

  14. It’s a shame that Ubisoft’s support for Assassin’s Creed on Wii U stops

  15. God that framerate is worse then the xbox 360 and ps3 versions

  16. The framerate drop is too noticable to even enjoy this game on the Wii U.

  17. Genuinely one of my favourite Wii U games. 

  18. +CGRundertow I hope the next game has more Abstergo missions, I actually
    enjoyed Desmond in the prior games, and I like leaving the Animus to do

  19. Shooting down a spainish ship there is no way I’m buying that I’m a

  20. Sergeant Hartman

    Wind Waker is way better than this overrated shit

  21. Review Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep for the PSP!

  22. NeverSaySandwich1

    What a coincidence, I just bought this!

  23. “Online multiplayer intact” Ha! Yeah right. The servers suck. A patch would
    be nice. For both games.

  24. P.P ProudPalestinian

    I played this game on the PS3 , but an AC4 is an AC4 on everything , and I
    have to say , it is one of the most boring , frustrating games I ever
    played . Not frustrating because it is hard , but because it doesn’t work .
    The reviewer was right about the controls being stiff and unresponsive ,
    but I was wondering wile watching : Did both of us play the same game ?? .
    The combat is frustrating too , because the “enemies” don’t really attack ,
    they only block your attacks . For hours sometimes . The one thing that I
    really enjoyed is the pirating and looting ship , but to finish you have
    to fight the crew , again with the broken combat system .
    I don’t mind if someone enjoys this game , but at least acknowledge that it
    leaves so much to be desired …. 

  25. gg wiiu

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