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Minecraft Vita Review

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  1. And people with a 3DS still say the Vita has “No Games”

  2. The Vita is the best place for Minecraft. Now if Sony would just advertise
    it and make a bundle this could save the Vita.

  3. OpenSeasonOn Xbots

    The best version of Minecraft is on the Vita.
    It’s a wrap. Vita has won the handheld wars.

  4. Attention PSPonies!! For every Pony who buys Minecraft will make us Xboners
    more Powerful! All Hail the Xbox One! The True Next-Gen Console!
    #ThanksForBuyingAMicrosoftProduct #XboxOneMasterRace4Life #PS4isShit

  5. xX209airsofterXx

    Is this coming out on the Xbox handheld?….. Oh wait there isn’t one 

  6. The best version of Minecraft is on PC,so shut up peasants. 

  7. Needs to come to WII U

  8. NICKMProductions

    Does anyone know if I can get a discount for the vita version of minecraft
    if i already have minecraft on the ps4?

  9. OMG on the thumbnail the new pic for 1.8! Look behind Notch its

  10. I feel like the ign editors namely greg and colin are the only ones that
    havent excepted that the vita is a failure. as someone who bought a ps4
    eagerly and own a xbone and wii u the vita is shit and is easy to tell

  11. they need to review again pocket edition on 0.10 , for me its better than
    console version (its my opinion, i also own console version) and while pc
    has more stuff, i prefer playing pocket edition (i only play pc because of
    better controls and servers)

  12. Sony ponies buying a Microsoft game lol enjoy it fuckres!!!!

  13. Vita is the best handheld out. 3DS remastered240p sucks. Enjoy your
    rehashes pathetic nintendrones. 

  14. Stop review Minecraft on everything

  15. Pocket edition has infinite worlds.

  16. Got it on my phone. Its shit. Own all console versions. Prefer PC than

  17. Mojang hates Nintendo

  18. ThundeRZ Lundorff

    wow i didn find it possible XD but this actually looks worse than the pc
    and console version of the game XD how is that possible XD

  19. I’m beginning to think the games on Vita are conquering over the games on

  20. I make minecraft videos too and I would appreciate if you guys would check
    them out!

  21. pretty stupid that sony punishes those who bought the ps4 version full
    price by forcing them to pay a full 20 dollars yet again for the vita
    version, but if you were to get the ps3 version then the upgrade you get
    all 3 cheaper. should just be a 5 dollar purchase to go to vita/ps3 imo

  22. starwarsfanboy101

    Greg – “first time i saw minecraft i said thats coming to vita one day”
    apparently greg knew about the vita about 3 or 4 years before the vita was
    announced….either that or he is socialy dissconected from any media
    platform and only recently discovered minecraft lol

  23. So…would Nintendo please just put this on the Wii U already?! xD

    …Please don’t create a comment war D:

  24. cahan mclaughlin

    So every version of minecraft (360,ps4,ps4,xboxone,vita) have gotten better
    reviews than the pc version.. Yeah that makes sense..

  25. I was a noob at MC, first version I played was PS4. It’s a great little
    game but don’t you think it gets boring fast? Main reason I think is
    because it’s host/rooms and you can only join when the host is online
    unlike the PC servers where you can get on at any time. So if you join a
    friends game to work on your house or mining or whatever then he decides to
    go bed…then what? lol. Again I think it’s a good game but gets very
    boring after you’ve done everything in your own world. 8/10

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