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Sony PSP Go Review – White UK Version

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  1. I have one and i love to play with it but i lost my charger but i reccomend

  2. omg whats the name of the song you used at the end? i hear it all the time
    on my local news channel ut i never know what it is!

  3. i am thinkin of getting one of these forchristmas would you reccomend it?
    please be honest

  4. @pwndstickfigure lol, you could put it like that 🙂

  5. @MisterBrainZ get it at radioshack. on sale til 1/1/11 for $149.99. dont
    waste your time! get it now!

  6. have u got pshome on dat whats that thing under the ps store

  7. i remember when i wanted the go when it came out

  8. can it load iso and cso games like the psp 2000?

  9. @davomrmac I got one yesterday for €89( +- £79, on sale, normal price is
    €179) here in Potugal 😀

  10. this thing is terrible

  11. up to december amazon are doing a PSP GO and 10 FREE downloadable games for
    only £149.99. i just bought this and its well worth it. the codes come in
    the b box so no waiting for them to be sent by email!

  12. @ORENGEcarot Cheers.

  13. @elsnichkum Sounds pretty good.

  14. Vita for sure.

  15. I fucking love it.

  16. @GH2mainiac Very valid point.

  17. LOL All Things Mac is ATM

  18. I still use mine. I play a lot of GTA on it

  19. Kyshawn Alexander

    i have a vita and a go but i only use the go to listen to music in school

  20. Hey, can someone help me i have an xbox 360 with nealy with every game and
    i want to buy a psp go, i found a white psp go brand new £115 including 3
    newst games out and etc… so do you think i should go for it or its not
    worth please reply(help)

  21. You english people are funny. You pronounce some words in so much funny
    way.. “Haer Ees pee s pee goaw” Like you had inertia on tongue lool

  22. I have that same mac… he must be so depressed those limitations damn them

  23. @gamerjps okay.. stop going overboard about colours mate.. u would NOT go
    for white.. easily dirty .. visible dust.. u pick it up the oils on ur
    hands can just ruin it.. i would go for the common black one.. because u
    barley see dust.. and if the paint goes away its not as visible as white.

  24. Hey.. Help!!!!!! Im thinking about getting a PSP Go or PSP 2000. Im going
    to be most likely using it for CFW for my backup games and music.. etc..
    Please Respond! Thanks in Advance!

  25. Needs a flip screen and needs some Mario games! 🙂

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