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Review: Korg DS-10 Analog Synth Emulator for Nintendo DS

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  1. Christopher wootton

    Is this channel still active? I’d like to see what you think of the new
    DSN-12 for 3DS. I am just so amazed by what it can do, even if there are a
    few changes I would like (such as displaying absolute values of knob
    positions so I know how many cents VCO2 is at, more than just 16 steps in
    the Kaoss sequencer, etc).

  2. I got it with a nintendo ds because I had to sell all my hardware last

  3. BTW, great little Depeche Mode cover:)

  4. Man, if there was an I/O sync via the headphone jack this thing would be an
    amazing addition to my rig.

  5. I thought it was pretty legit.

  6. This is a great review, and gave me hope that I can make a good drum sound
    instead of the shit I threw up last night. I’ve been fortunate enough to
    buy both the DS10 and the PLUS version for 10 bucks each within a few

  7. thats class! thinking of buying this. is it easy to get the music off the
    ds onto the laptop so i can mix in my actual daw?

  8. 3:45 Portal much?

  9. Maria Calfa-DePaul

    loved your review and your playing. You make the sound editing look so
    easy!! I have been playing around with it for a week and I’ve come up with
    some cool sounds but it’s been hit or miss…guess I should read up on
    synthesis….lots of fun though…I LOVE it in fact…thanks for the
    humorous and educational review!!

  10. that´s because you are unable to synthesize on videogame trackers. besides
    that, nice tutorial.

  11. Great review and funny commentary. 

  12. Great review, I own Korg on DS and your video made it all seem much more
    simple (I’m not a musician, just a nerd!)

  13. Kick ass review man. Seriously, well done and very informative.

  14. Hey my korg ds 10 synth isnt workin on my ds. I t just comes up a load of
    Asian Lettering and i can’t do anything. I got it on a torrent site if that
    makes a difference?

  15. bus driving suddenly can be fun.

  16. But i assume the song arrangement isn’t the only way to play right? I mean
    if you’d wanna play clips live and cue them up on the fly, that would work
    too right?

  17. Nicklaus Deyring

    Fantastic review.

  18. the PLUS version is fully made for live play or not live play. And on a DSI
    or 3ds it lets you run two copies at once.

  19. they just slandered nnanoloop D:

  20. What is this? ‘For sale and use in Japan onl-‘ oh sh**

  21. I think this might be the first time I’ve ever heard someone in a youtube
    video say “arpeggiator” and not “ar-peggy-ator.” Good show!

  22. For the price of having some pizza and enough beer to throw that pizza up,
    you could buy a synthesizer. 😀

  23. someone is a depechemode fan

  24. @insidesynthesis okay lol i have one question.. is it worth buying?

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