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Microsoft XBOX One all around review – Real User Experience – Game Play with Kinect

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  1. The Playstation 4 is in my Possession. Which means I’ll be reviewing that
    real soon which should show off awesome features hopefully and then make
    another video of these next generation consoles battle it out on what they
    can or can not do with a conclusion of all around champion =]

  2. Xbox One all around review – Real User Experience – Game Play with Kinect

  3. I like PS4 because it’s made for games, unlike XBox One. The Entertainment
    Media System. Xbox one is for people who are to lazy to look at Facebook or
    Instagram on Amazon or Netflix or twitter on your phone,pad,computer etc.
    PS4 is for people who play Video Games. Although Xbox One plays game too.
    But ps4 is actually built for games. Project Morpheus anyone? Kinect Fail?
    I think so.

  4. so the kinect is basicly just always listening, even when it’s turned off.

  5. Ok seriously, whats up with Americans and putting their shoes (that they
    wore outdoors) on their couch and in their beds. Your shoes pick up so much
    dirt, germs and filth while you are walking in them outside then you think
    its wise to put them on your couch and on your bed where you sleep!??

    Anyway, helpful vid thanks lol

  6. Ps4’s games are awesome,but the console itself doesn’t feel like
    “next-gen”,on the other hand X1’s games are great (but not “that” good
    IMO,they’re still great tho,but not all of them are),but the console itself
    feels “next-gen”

  7. santario santiago

    Do you prefer xbox one or ps4?

  8. Xbox one is future playstation 4 is shit

  9. Kinect… catering to LAZY fucks everywhere. Because the country isn’t
    lazy enough now.

  10. What kind of TVs support the turning on when xbox goes on? i have some 4
    year old sony bravia

  11. did this dude just say “the wide”?

  12. I’m not gonna lie, the Kinect is kind of cool. I like the voice control and
    being able to control from your phone even though it looks a little klunky.
    The snap is alright I suppose, I wouldn’t see myself using it though. No
    good Kinect games though. Overall I’d say it’s “OK.” Voice control is for
    sure the beast feature.

  13. Xbox, Go Home, You’re Drunk

  14. Hattrick Claudiu HKS

    What’s the size of the TV? Is it 42”?

  15. kinect doesn’t spy on u stupid

  16. Unfortunately the Kinect has failed, and Microsoft has realized this.

  17. We’ll this was a year ago so that’s probally why,they had a big update

  18. its a peas of poop 

  19. Gaybox is inferior to ps4

  20. Liked

  21. See when he says xbox on it turns on and on the 360 you cant say xbox on or
    any voice command without the xbox turned on so that prove they spying man
    dont judge tho ik i maybe not right but maybe i an

  22. I Want Xbox One :/

  23. How big is your tv????!??!

  24. Obama & CIA can spy you with the Kinect!

  25. after i watched this ,i have made a mistake buying ps4

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