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XBOX ONE controller vs Xbox 360! – NEW Day 1 Edition Controller Review! – (Microsoft 2013 HD)

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  1. Fifa king legend

    I don’t know which one to buy please someone help me also i am buying this
    for a pc ?

  2. 360 controller is so much better, I really hope they eventually let you use
    the wireless controllers on the One because some of the modded controllers
    are SO awesome looking it’s not even funny. One has pretty awesome
    triggers, but the grip feels a lot more compressed and or some reason they
    sacrificed it entirely. It would have for sure surpassed the original if it
    had bigger grips, cause they fixed the finger stubbing battery pack on the
    360 controller! That is the only real beef I had with it cause I have
    abnormally big hands and the controller would fit perfectly in them if that
    battery pack didn’t bulge out so much. Aside from that, 360 is definitely
    the better choice. Hell, I almost got a 360 over the One cause I wanted the
    Xbox 360 library more, but I know they will do some form of backwards
    compatibility eventually for the One; hopefully with Guitar Hero III,
    Castle Crashers and Black Ops 2! I would LOVE to play those games and more
    on my Xbox One. But, chances are I will just have to find a cheap Xbox 360
    if I want these games.

  3. I prefer the xbox 360 controller because of the analog sticks.

  4. trulybrilliant23

    Ok I’m a sony guy but I was gifted a 360 and I love it and I saved up for
    p4 but I like xbox so what do I do 

  5. I like the Xbox 360 more than the Xbox One because I love the controler and
    on the Xbox One its like Windows 8 (which I dont like.)

  6. I tried the xbox one controller it’s a bit smaller and not as comfortable
    as the 360 controller. For me the 360 controller is the best controller I
    have ever used it’s near perfect and the buttons are in perfect positions.

  7. I like ps3 and xbox 360 i couldn’t care less which one I have but you have
    to admit the 360 controller is way better 

  8. RazeSpieltMinecraft

    i like the 360 more, but my fav is the ps4 controller. best controller ever

  9. 8:23 lol

  10. When I got used to the xbox one controller the 360 controller felt wierd

  11. X one is much better in my opinion

  12. PS4 Instead Of XBOX ONE

  13. I honestly like the xbox one controller of course it may be the fact I have
    bug hands but still I find the controller comfortable I can’t wait to get
    an xbox one

  14. Lol Playstation controllers are based off the shape of a penis.

  15. Xbox One control is shit, left analog stick keep breaking, its Cheap
    plastic. never had a issue with 360 control for years, only owned Xbox One
    since March and already been through 5 controls as they keep breaking.
    Designers should go back to school!

  16. On my Xbox 360 controller (Silver limited edition) the d-pad can be both
    the X-box one type and the 360 type.

  17. the analog sticks felt cheap at first,but after a little getting used to, I
    like the overall controller better than the 360 one. (I never noticed the
    bumpers not pressing until after I watched this video…)

  18. Vincent_Plays_ MC

    I’m the 10,001th like

  19. should i get an xbox one for titanfall, or a ps4 for the fact that its more

  20. I just bought the COD advanced warfare controller it feels awesome in my
    hands. :)

  21. i rather the xbox 360 controller then the xbox1 but i rather ps4 the most
    and look at the dpad on xbox360 2:49 thats one thing i hate

  22. For me the 360 Controller is near to perfection… i have only a problem
    with the Battery… Magazin… Clip… because to often the Batterys lose
    conection and it say “Your Controller is Offline”. . . happens to often…
    but the rest is for me Flawless…

    And i know that Gamecube controller is awesome as well but… i like the
    face buttons on Original Xbox (Small) and 360controller better.

  23. Buy both and dont complain anymore

  24. The controller is sexy

  25. You didn’t mention the mini rumble motors in the Xbox One triggers? That’s
    a major upgrade dude!

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