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CGR Undertow – WII SPORTS CLUB review for Nintendo Wii U

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  1. They should start doing more HD remakes of their classic games

  2. This is an awful version of Wii Sports, and if you haven’t played Kinect
    Sports Rivals, I’d say that’s a much better game than Wii Sports anyway.

  3. They give this online multiplayer but not Super Mario 3D World?

  4. The CGR Undertow DVD has been funded! THANK YOU! Follow us on Twitter for
    updates as we create it! http://Twitter.com/CGRundertow!

  5. What’s the point of this game? Yes it has online multiplayer but if I
    wanted to play Wii Sports on my Wii U I’ll just go into Wii mode and play
    regular Wii Sports.

  6. Not sure what to make of this Derek!! Basically the same game but not as
    innovative and contains stuff that should have been in the original… just
    sounds like 90% of sequels to me… why act so surprised?

  7. Sup subscribe to me

  8. I usually agree with your reviews, but not this time. Wii Sports Club Golf,
    using the gamepad to show the ball and grass with the end of your club,
    then hitting the ball off the gamepad into the TV screen, is quite possibly
    the funnest gameplay concept I have ever experienced. It simulates the real
    life experience perfectly. Yes, it’s more complex. But we’re gamers.
    Complexity is what we strive for. And it’s still way less complex than your
    average normal game.

  9. Have to agree on the MotionPlus stuff- it’s what killed Skyward Sword for
    me, which is otherwise a great game.;

  10. Alejandro Romero

    2:30 minutes of repetitive bla bla bla untill finally talk about the game.
    This is why I unsub from CGR Undertow. This pretentious fella.

  11. While I agree with your review wholeheartedly the biggest thing I learned
    from this review is that you suck at Wii Sports.

  12. This breaks my heart. I just played the new Zelda at Target last night with
    my girlfriend. Both of us loved it! There was a time I wanted a Wii U, but
    reviews like this make me cautious to get one. It’s so uncertain. And the
    fact that I played this game over seven years ago with the only additions
    being multiplayer and more convoluted controls makes me angry. I really
    don’t get it. Maybe Nintendo knows something we do, but it just seems like
    they are lost this generation. Shame because the Wii was the last Nintendo
    console I owned. At this rate it will be my last.

  13. i thought this game was awesome. the original wii sports kind of sucked imo

  14. Casuals who bought the original Wii probably don’t even know that the Wii U
    Kinda sad really…

  15. Loved my time with Bowling and Tennis, besides that one time I played the
    trial, haven’t tried again.

  16. I prefer Derek’s reviews when they’re like this (actually informative)
    compared to some other reviews where it seems like he went in with the
    intention of making a comedy skit first, game review second.

  17. It should have come with the system. Like built in.

  18. Great review, always awesome

  19. Here’s why the Wii went from super popular to dud in 5 years time:

    Casuals, families and old people bought it. Since these types aren’t early
    adopters of the latest tech, when the Wii U came it, few saw the need to

  20. You can play Wii Sports Club online so its totally fine they made the same

  21. Pennsylvania Club? Me too!

  22. your making the motion + “issues” worse then they really are

  23. Good review Derrick, I liked your attention to detail and the more
    restrained tone of your voice. Keep it up!

  24. Why this game was originally a eShop exclusive.

  25. Any reason to buy this if I have wii sports

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