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Nintendo 3DS Review

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  1. Im getting a preowned one of these only cos i want to get a vita new

  2. Listened to the overwhelming amount of praise for the 3DSXL, so I bought
    one… The thing kills my hands… It’s very uncomfortable. Lesson learned.

  3. Its a good system but the 3ds gets boring sometimes

  4. i’m going to get one next week

  5. Getting this 2morrow!!

  6. Gladiator Copper

    Wish I could get one

  7. I never knew he unboxed this and its that old!

  8. £’s and $ ain’t the same amount

  9. nice review Unbox Therapy. took me a long while to get a 3DS, but i finally
    have it. an XL! much better than the original! but same epic software
    library. I especially recommend mario 3d land to everyone! I also made a
    video, part unboxing, part discussion. if anyone wants to see it then
    please enter my channel and see the video games playlist.

  10. This was when it was new, once it actually came out it was something around
    £150, now its around £135 !

  11. LUIGI’S MANSION 2!!!!

  12. your gonna be so happy with it 🙂

  13. You can play regular ds games with the system right?

  14. its a question ?

  15. Can you play with dsi’s too

  16. you have a point with the pokemon thing

  17. Michael Gutierrez-Diaz

    I recommend getting the xl it’s only 30 $ more but it’s worth it. They
    fixed the squeky control pad and abxy buttons.

  18. Unfortunately, it does seem to be going that way. I mean the only thing
    missing from phones now is 3D. When that day comes, say goodbye to handheld

  19. gotta love nintendo 😀

  20. only for a while


  22. Lol

  23. Fancy

  24. I has the flame red 3ds 😀

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