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New PS Vita Slim – Full Review in 2014-2015

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  1. The PS vita is not enough for its price in my opinion, I think they should
    just make a xperia play 2 which could basically be a xperia Z2 but with a
    slide out controller and exclusive games. Android is evolving when it comes
    to gaming, just look at the nvidia shield and the shield tablet and their
    exclusive games, nobody needs a PS vita or anything like that anymore
    (sorry for long comment).

  2. Good review, to be honest i was kinda glad to see ypu putting the vita slim
    down on some point purly because it showed that you were really coming from
    a neutral stand point. I do think that the vita and vita slim are cool
    device im just glad to see complete honesty from a reviewer. Also do you
    have any plans to do reviews for big 3ds titls when they come out? Such as
    super smash bros, monster hunter4 and even the new old pokemon games.

  3. Do u place this over the nvidia shield ?

  4. Hmm i don’t really like the interface of the vita its too weird for me. I
    liked how the psp interface was it was nice and simple. I may be going for
    the psp go since its 150 on amazon now and just install custom firmware and
    load it with a bunch of games.

  5. Nice video. You should check my comment out on the last video. Thanks

  6. Do you think it is worth me buying this when I already have the original?
    And then I would keep my oled as well. I guess this would mean switching
    accounts would be easier and when one runs out of battery switch to the
    other… Is it worth it?

  7. OK I think you need to reevaluate your scoring system because you cannot
    add up all those fractions without a common denominator. Pick a common
    denominator next time

  8. I got my ps vita for 7 dollars xD

  9. Good review but the scoring is just silly. Out of 10 for each category
    would have been sufficient.

  10. Do you have a Chinese manufactured model? Cause I have none of these
    creaking problems, and the device doesn’t flex at all when you apply
    pressure. But that might be because mine is imported from Japan, and
    manufactured in Japan.

  11. Explosive-Fusion

    Yeah its an ok portable however it creaks and the back touch pad is so

  12. I am a fan of sony only because ratchet and clank games are only released
    for their consoles

  13. The PS vita sucks, i had one and you cant do anything with it, the camera
    is horrible, literaly you just can play games because using the internet
    (safari, google chrome) there sucks its horrible, at the beggining you will
    think that is AMAZING but 2 days later you will stop using it, I DONT

  14. Cai-lee Reed Olson

    Wish the PlayStation vita had Slender…

  15. build: 7/10 Features: 14/15 Performance: 43/50

  16. vool

  17. This thing is awesome i got it recently and i cant seem to put it down, i
    cant wait to get my ps4 to use it for remote play though.

  18. Great chanel man , more stuff of ps vita and games

  19. Brilliant video

  20. Best PS vita review

  21. Explosive-Fusion

    Take a look at this video on YouTube

  22. Sebastian Taylor

    Great review

  23. you are my favorite youtuber

  24. I prefer the 1,000 because I just think it has that heavy duty feel to it

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