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Reviews : Sony PSP E1004

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  8. MrBlackTeam Nojus

    yeeehhh i have now i can play gta vice city ! yeeeehhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Bad audio. Sounds like there’s a fan running near your camera’s mic,
    otherwise not bad.

  10. Does psp e1004 has a wi-fi?

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  12. MrBlackTeam Nojus

    i have 3000 psp!

  13. pas de wifi sur psp street E 1OO4

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  15. Catalin Cristian Neudorfer Catalin

    And me i have psp e 1004 street

  16. i will try to make better videos next time

  17. Tushar Nagvenkar

    i have a psp 3000 and its cool

  18. shuvottam sarkar

    abey psp chalta hai k nahi???? kharap hai kya??????

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