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PlayStation Vita Review


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Machinarium - PS Vita [Digital Code]

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  1. Biggest dissapontment of a console in my opinion. Rich constantly critizise
    Xb1 for low resolutions, but let me tell you that every game I’ve played on
    the Vita looks like crap at times because of low resolutions and I’m not
    the type of guy who usually complains about that. He doesn’t talk about
    that too much, in fact I’ve not seen many people mention it. Don’t give me
    the argument that we expect more out of xb1 because I know that already.
    Vita was not even on par with smartphones released at the time in terms of
    specs or resolution.

  2. Are the required storage cards taken up quickly if you don’t download any
    games and just buy games in stores? Because this handheld looks amazing but
    i don’t want to have to pay an extra $100 for storage. So can i survive on
    a 8G storage but only get psychical copies of games?

  3. Aleksey Gladyshev

    I honestly strongly dislike it when I can hear people breathing through the
    mic in videos. Do you have asthma or something? Get into shape or do
    something, because you should not hear people breathing who are healthy and
    are not overweight.

  4. How to save PS Vita:

    1. Stick with the price of $199.99
    2. Discontinue the Slim version because it’s not that good
    3. Bundle the game with a pre-installed Uncharted Golden Abyss
    4. Bundle Murasaki Baby with it (I have a gut feeling it would sell good)
    5. More platforming and adventure titles (crash spyro like)
    6. Make more colors and versions (Nathan drake or cole)
    7. Less 3rd party games, no one buys hand helds cuz of that
    8. Make some AAA titles and get more devs (make a infamous spin-off and
    wheres that bioshock vita?)
    9. Built in 16gb memory

    I believe the PS VIta deserves more attention sony! Just make smart
    Tams up if you agree!

  5. I feel the price is very reasonable at 200 bucks. It’s a sensible
    competitor to the 3DS. The only things it’s missing is built-in memory and
    a better game selection. They are in serious need of some better 3rd party
    support. The system has two analog sticks, it’s a powerhouse, has
    a touchscreen, a beautiful OLED screen, there is NO reason for it to be
    doing as badly as it is right now. The lack of support is mind boggling. Is
    it hard to program for or what?

  6. is the slim worth it. Ik it has better battery, but is it worth losing the

  7. Εμμανουήλ Καραθεοδώρου

    I wanna buy the vita for Christmas BUT I wanna also download the games. I
    am not spending 100$ dollars on those f****** cards because Sony turned out
    to think that all the people are rich! What should I do?

  8. ImmortalInflames

    I’m very late to the PS Vita party..
    But I intend to purchase one before the end of the year
    I really want the OLED screen, but the updated Vita has 1gb internal
    storage (great for saved games)
    *pulls hair out*
    First world problems at their best!

  9. i just wanna buy it for Persona 4 and Final Fantasy 10. but i have all
    these games already for ps2,3 lol.. i don’t know why but i just wanna buy
    them and play them on vita

  10. How to save Vita

    1. Give up

    The system costs a ton of money to develop games for, almost just as much
    as console games, and it’s far more risky to develop for a portable than it
    is to develop for home consoles or PC, which is risky enough as it is. If
    no one is making games for the system, there’s no reason to buy. 3DS is
    cheap to make games for, and carries far less risk in terms of sales
    because the high number of units that have shipped.

    The machine itself is fantastic, and I’d definitely say it’s the highest
    end portable machine that’s ever been made, but the economics aren’t there
    to support it. It’s just like the Dreamcast. 

  11. Do I need the pen store prepaid card to download games after I have
    PlayStation plus? Please help

  12. What kill the Vita? Price.

  13. Should I get this or a wii u! I have a 3ds and ps3 help!

  14. Is there a difference in quality between OLED and LCD display in PS Vita? 

  15. Objectified Cross

    They really need to re-release it (silently to avoid shit-storms and
    fanboyismay) with SD and MicroSD support.

    Otherwise they can eat shit.

  16. playstation player

    the reason why Sony made their own memory cards, is because of all the
    pirating on the PSP. however it does not excuse a 32 GB memory card going
    for $80 that’s some bull!

  17. Clarence John Alfonso

    can some one give me ps vita online games like sword art online for ps

  18. themysteriousfigure0

    Who else checked their Facebook at 6:12 ?

  19. Is it worth me selling my old ass PSP and DS Lite for it?

  20. I got a PS Vita very early on and, to be honest, rarely play it. The most I
    played it was when I was playing old titles, like Spyro the Dragon, or when
    I use it for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. I’ve played a few titles on it,
    like a few Lego games, but it’s not really grabbed me as a handheld
    console, not when many of the games are scaled-down ports that you find on
    other consoles (I remember playing LEGO Batman, but the game I got was
    nothing like the console version, it was more akin to the 3DS edition). The
    only games that appealed were either on other consoles or things like the
    Jak and Daxter trilogy. I haven’t found much else to get excited about.

    The only games on it that I found truly good were ones like Little Big
    Planet Vita and Tearaway, because they had gameplay features that showed
    what the PS Vita had to offer quite nicely, but it’s a shame they weren’t
    launch titles, because those would have been great titles, owned by Sony,
    which would have gotten some early investment. Trouble is, it’s trying to
    compete in a market that has been monopolised by Nintendo (don’t deny it,
    the 3DS and DS has pretty much owned the market when they first came out)
    or by smart phones. The internal memory isn’t great either, it needs a
    memory card to even work and the specially adapted memory cards, which are
    essentially M2, further make it complicated to run, since only Sony
    manufacture them and the price is high, even for low memory units. By the
    time you have one or two games on it, the card is nearly full, unless
    they’re really small games or older games for virtual console. Nintendo got
    this right by using conventional SDs.

    I’d trade it in, but I kind of want to keep it in case something changes.

  21. -_- nooooo u cannot get viruses u must have no sence for tec

  22. I played infamous second son on this, and i was so suprised on how good it

  23. Cant I get like a 8gb stick and buy games physically? 

  24. Senpai Darudo Animetendo Gaara Azure OBJECTION Sama

    I love Nintendo but am mad at them because of the new 3ds so am going to
    sony getting a vita

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