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How to Build a Gaming PC Featuring Intel Extreme Edition NCIX Tech Tips

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Sentey® Gs-6600 Wolf Gaming Case Black/ 1mm Secc / 2 X USB 3.0 / 2 X USB 2.0 / , 5 X LED Fans Included, Tool-less / Atx – M-atx Computer Case / Removable HDD Bay / 4 X Fan Control Independent / Air Filters / 1 X 124mm Blue Led Fan Front / 2 X 80mm Blue Led Fan Side/ 2 X 120mm Blue Led Fan TOP / 1 X 120mm Blue Led Fan Back/ and Can Be Added 2 More Fans (Optional) Not Included / Dust Filtering System / Removable Aluminum Trays for Hdd's / Cable Management / Hd Audio + Mic / Support Long Size VGA Cards / Computer Case / Support Any Power Supply As 80 Plus Standard Bronze Gold or Platinum / Cable Management for Modular Power Supply / 5 Led Fan Coolers Included - Best Pc Gaming and Desktop Mid Tower - Support Cheap and Expensive Video Cards AMD and Nvidia Ultra Pro Systems

  • 1MM SECC STEEL / High Tower / Watercooling Support
  • 2 USB 3.0 + 2 USB 2.0. + 1 x HD Audio & Mic Front Ports
  • 340mm VGA Max. Length Support / 162mm CPU Max. Height Support
  • 4 External 5.25" Drive Bays. 5 Internal 3.5" Drive Bays
  • Support Micro ATX / ATX / 25mm Plastic Feet / 1 year warranty
Sentey GS-6600 WOLF Gaming Computer Case

High Tower
ATX, M-Atx Support
340mm VGA Max.Length Support
162mm CPU Max.Height Support

Front Ports
USB 3.0 (2)
USB 2.0 (2)
HD Audio + Mic

Cooling System
140mm Front BLUE LED Fan Cooler
2 x 80mm Side BLUE LED Fan Coolers
2 x 120mm Top BLUE LED Fan Coolers
140mm Rear BLUE LED Fan Cooler

Front Mesh
Side Panel Solid with Mesh
25mm Plastic Fe



  1. What do you think of these specs:
    I7-4700MQ 2.40GHz
    8GB RAM DDR3
    GeForce GTX 765M
    Windowes 7 64bit

  2. Im not that good with pcs but dont you need a disk drive to install windows

  3. I’ve run a gtx260 with dual 6 pin connectors with only one 6 pin connected,
    and a 4 pin cpu power connector into an 8 pin socket on the board when I
    was testing an lga 1366 board before a build and it posted just fine. Is
    there something special about the rampage 2 gene mobo and engtx 260 that I
    don’t know about?

  4. can you do another video like this for 2014? computers have changed quite a
    bit and id like to see your opinion on an extreme high end gaming/video
    editing PC for 2014 that will last years to come :)

  5. Why should you use a liquid cooling solution vs a high end silent Noctua

  6. If I have 1 HDD is the last step with the BIOS necessary?

  7. Jeroen Verbaarschot

    nice video

  8. Belle Gemme by Lisa

    Love the set up you have and was curious if you could post a list of all
    the components that you use? 

  9. This cable plugging shit confuses the hell out of me…

  10. what’s the point in going extreme, i mean performance in games is like a
    so why would someone want to go top of the top and don’t tell me it’s
    future proofing lol.

  11. How much is this whole thing gonna cost me??

  12. I got one question is Corsair HX850 850W enough for i7 4930,EVGA 780ti
    overclocked and possible another 780ti?

  13. Nice build there, for a first build i think i did ok at 1250 (100 mail-in
    rebate, making this 1150), wish i couldve did a little more but that was my

    i5-4690k @ 3.5ghz
    ASUS Z-97AR ATX motherboard
    Corsair Vengeance Blue 16GB 1600mhz RAM
    Samsung 840 EVO 250GB 2.5″ SATA III SSD
    2.5 TB WD internal hdd
    gpu, mouse, keyboard etc.

    i have no problem running Shadow of Mordor, BF4, and FAR CRY 4 on ultra
    high settings even if it is a 750 series for the card. I’ve been a console
    gamer forever so maybe what i see is what i think is better than that, not
    what i could possibly get. Thought this card comes with g-sync so i can
    upscale it to 4K.

  14. Can you send me 1 pc i dont have any ? 😉


  15. Nicholas Randall

    is it ok to have the motherboard on the table after you test it like you
    did in the video?

  16. Brandon Hendrick

    I want that computer so bad.. lol 

  17. UBER BANDWITH 1:13 :P

  18. death6199 Just death

    What is that sound card

  19. Chinmay Pophalkar

    hey i have one question i am new to this after buuilding the pc which is in
    this video , did linus installed windows and showed the configuration of
    storage system or first configuration of storage sysytem then windows
    installation ?? plss help me !! I AM NEW TO THIS !! PLSSS REPLY !!

  20. hopefully detailed.. :D:D:D

  21. Hidaz | Intros and Gaming

    Im always afraid of putting pressure on my motherboards when assembling

  22. How to build a PS4: buy PS4, plug in said PS4. LOL had to annoy the “PC
    master race” guys 

  23. How much would the whole package cost

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