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Top Ten gaming laptops 2014

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  1. Guys on vacation still I will upload the review on my new laptop soon

  2. guys the support has been amazing, i never thought i would have come this
    far. Im about to reach 200 subs lets get their soon and im getting my new
    pc in 20 day so i cant wait. Be prepared for daily posting when it comes.

  3. If you think I missed something please comment below.Laptops were chosen by
    specs read description for more.Please support me by liking the video :D

  4. OMG…finding the perfect gaming laptop is overwhelming to me! I’m thinking
    of buying my first gaming laptop…but don’t know which to choose! I’ve
    heard a lot of great things about Asus, but let’s be honest here I’m not
    exactly computer savvy so it’s confusing when it comes to choosing. Please

  5. Are these specs good
    Windows 8.1
    The 4th generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processor
    17.3″ Full HD (1920×1080) anti-glare LCD in LED backlight
    Enthusiast level NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 870M GDDR5 6GB/3GB graphics card
    provides great performance and ultra image quality
    SteelSeries Engine to customize every key and devices for personalizing
    your play style
    XSplit Gamecaster for easily recording gaming moments, broadcasting and
    sharing live gameplay sessions to YouTube, Twitch, UStream and more
    Exclusive Super RAID 2 with 3 SSD RAID0 gives over 1500MB/s reading speed!
    Exclusive Cooler Boost 2 technology improves 15% cooling performance with
    lower noise
    Killer™ E2200 Game Networking for smarter, faster, networking for all
    online entertainment
    Keyboard by SteelSeries with full color LED back light and solid feedback
    Sound by Dynaudio for authentic fidelity audio performance
    Matrix display with max 4 displays to expand the vision for extreme gaming
    experience or multi tasks

  6. I need help, i want an extremely fast, but very cheap gaming laptop, and
    with at least a terabyte of space. Any ideas I would greatly appreciate!

  7. Omfg u don’t use laptops for gaming there not made for gaming desktops are
    made for gaming so stop trying to act like u know it all because there shit

  8. Am trying to get a laptop as good as d next gen. The game I play the most
    is FIFA ND I don’t mind the price any help pls?

  9. TheGamingKamikaze

    im spending upto 30,000 dollars what to choose? 

  10. Please Help me find a good laptop…
    I plan on getting a 4k Camera and want a great editing computer that can
    handle what i need plus more just in case…
    Budget is probably around $3k for the laptop… keep in mind i want a very
    nice, sharp, smooth, fast display.
    Thanks For The Help.. :]

  11. I am getting the acer aspire e1-572.
    The specs are
    Intel i7 4500u
    Intel HD Graphics 4400
    I was wondering if it could play games like Minecraft/Garry’s Mod and Goat

  12. Bronson Plays ~ Clash of Clans

    I am looking for a laptop that can run lol mc goat simulator maybe some
    other games and run sony vegas 8 thats it. my budget is $850 , i know i can
    build a pc cheaper but i want a laptop to easily take to friends houses,
    please leave links below

  13. Which laptop is better in terms of power and features
    or the
    Lenovo Y50 Laptop – 59421859 – Black – UHD Display: Weekly Deal dont know
    which one to get or if there are any better ones around

  14. how legit is the cooling on the alien-ware?

  15. Tareef Iman Azizi Ahmad Zakir

    Oh my god how is the Razer blade weaker than the Asus g750 the Razer blade
    pro is over powered

  16. Ruosteinen - Tynnyri

    “razer blade is the worlds thinnest gaming laptop” NOPE
    MSI GS60 is 15,6 inch (you get 1,6 inches more) adn its thinner than blade,
    good try razer ! :D

  17. Should i buy the alienware 18 for 2099.00 or the alienware 17 for 2198.00

  18. Beqa Vardosanidze

    LENOVO nomber one agree with best price GTX 860 1500 dolars WOW

  19. EpicMonsterA Gamer

    Do you think i should get the msi ge60 apache pro-003 or Asus rog g750jm
    ds71 or the cyberpowerpc fang evo for 1200

  20. i know im goign to get thumbs down for this but to be honest that alienware
    18 the price on it is retarded when you can get the same spec for about
    1.5k less on the sagers hell even the asus rog is barly a downgrade from
    the alienware 18 at half the price

  21. Desktop > Laptop. It is the truth. Half the price for 2x the performance.
    Take my word for it and get a gaming desktop bros. ; )

  22. My deal is that I want a good laptop not too expensive so I can play games
    and a lot of space ex minecraft, sims , assisan creed,
    So thats me and something affordable for my mom to buy plz reply

  23. Im thinking of buying the Origion eon-15s but I dint know if it’s worth it
    . After my custom it costs more than 2000 $ 

  24. alienware, you joking? overpriced, poor dell quality.. Dont get me wrong,
    their laptops looks “cool”, and they were once the best computers out there
    and probably was the best, in the past…. However, ever since they were
    bought by dell they have lost their reputation.. people, stay away from HP
    and DELL if u know whats good for you.

  25. I’m on a budget of 1500~ for a laptop. I’m thinking of getting a powerhouse
    for gaming and editing. Is lenovo y50 4k a reasonable laptop or is there
    something better? 

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