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PlayStation 4 Review – 5 Months In

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  1. I already have an xbox one, thinking about getting a ps4…is it worth
    spending $400+ on a console even though I already own an X1? does the ps4
    have more games than the X1 at this moment?

  2. Where are you from? Your accent sounds familiar

  3. Nice review what is the name of the motorcycle game?

  4. The specs and the control are good. But IMO there are no games at all.
    Platinumed infamous in 3 days,and i have already played tomb raider..AC4
    sucked imo. Ehh 3 more days until Child of light on ps4..I will have to
    plug the ps4 again …..
    OH and the friend list thing sucks. I have 80 friends and i cant even
    scroll in all of them,it crashes. Also we need download pause seriously why
    is this so hard? . No problems with the controller rubber.

  5. I love my PS4, its just a fucking beast. Its an amazing console, and I
    can’t wait until the big hitters start coming out. Its the most powerful
    console ever and its selling like hotcakes 7 million in 4 months. I can’t
    wait for The Order 1886, Uncharted 4, Driveclub, and The Last of Us
    Remastered. E3 is around the corner and I think we will see some amazing
    announcements from Sony.

  6. Buying PS4 in like 4 days, the thought of next gen coming out in “about 5
    years” makes me sick to the stomach…all this money X.X”…

  7. what game is this! SOMEONE REPLY

  8. I been trying to get into console gaming and I own a ps3 that I mostly use
    for exclusives like past of us, infamous and others. My problem with the
    console is that since I grew up playing on pc a lot of console games just
    look horrible in my eyes. So how does the ps4 compater to pc graphic wise.

  9. Nice video dude! I think the PS4 will start improving significantly after
    the release of Update 1.70. With new features such as preloading games
    before they release and sharaFactory, HDCP off and so on and so forth, I
    think people will appreciate it more. After E3, I’m sure PS4 will be an
    even more promising console. But yeah I just don’t get it at the moment,
    like you don’t get notified when your friends log in/off, and there isn’t
    many apps (YOUTUBE?!?!) But still, in due time, it shall be THE console!

  10. Planning on getting a PS4 when Sony releases the inevitable slim version

  11. I just want more games (Have played infamous), because I really like the
    controller and I can’t play with Dualshock 3 anymore! But the games are so
    expensive! I’m just waiting for Watch_Dogs! And it’s really hard to go back
    and play ps3 because the loading times! but when will the next PS4 top 5
    plays be coming out? :D

  12. i kept trying to click the start button the the Dualshock four to pause
    lol. hardest part to get use to 

  13. I have it, but i still use my PS3 more

  14. I’m not yet bored with the PS3, I still have a lot of games that I want to
    beat but I used the PS4 a weekend and the things that stood out for me is
    the DS4, which is awesome and I didn’t notice that it was hard to adapt to
    it, and the 60 FPS. The FPS is something I also didn’t think it was such a
    big deal but it really is.
    I’m still waiting to buy a PS4 until I have beaten the games I want to beat
    on PS3, but you probably already know all of this, I think I said it a
    couple of times in your comments…

  15. Agree with all of that apart from the speaker part i like that feature for
    in game sounds. Also good to see videos getting longer cant wait for the
    next one

  16. The system is incredible. They are certainly listening to us and are
    gradually making the system even better, the game library will gradually
    increase and are imminent as e3 approaches i’m sure they won’t disappoint
    indies are ‘games’ they will always be there for us and can be played
    anytime. Playstation 3 was a good system for how long it lasted and how its
    cycle ended with some fantastic games like the last of us, god of war,
    beyond etc. the future is bright

  17. I can remember the video when you said you were getting a PS4 next week. I
    can not believe that was 5 months ago. Oh and the one thing I hate is that
    the prices for games has gotten higher. I’m still saving up for infamous
    for Christ sake. Great vid Robin. Going off topic for a moment. What is
    your favourite Rise Against song? I’ve been meaning to ask you this ever
    since you put one of their songs in one of your videos. Mines either
    Satellite, Midnight hands or Prayer for the refugee. Saviours good as well.
    Oh, who am I kidding, they’re all amazing:)

  18. Great review Robin 🙂 I still don’t have the Ps4 because I decided to buy
    something that for me is better than a Ps4 and I’m waiting for a price drom
    because in my country they increased the price of the Ps4 and the games, Im
    going to buy it at the end of the year I think :). Can’t wait for the next
    vid man 😀 !!!

  19. Good stuff. I knew the DS4 sticks were kinda bad, but I didn’t know they
    were actually breaking that easy (I still don’t have a PS4 or know anyone
    IRL who has one). That battery life is disappointing too. My PS3 controller
    goes for days before I have to charge it. Anyways, good video. 

  20. Awesome Video Robin. I still didn’t get my hands on a ps4 but for what i’ve
    seen it is a great system. Keep up the good work.

  21. I’ll buy it at the end of 2014 or maybe sometime 2015. But if U4 comes
    2014, I’m pretty sure I will buy the PS4 already 2014 🙂
    So I’m still playing and enjoying my PS3 🙂
    But that with the sticks on the DS4 is bad… I hope it is just a
    start-problem or they gonna fix it

  22. I have two Dualshock 4s and i alternate them regularly and neither of them
    have had any problems with anything besides battery life.

    Also Green day :D

  23. what game is that in the video with the bikes?

  24. This intro is so much better than the old one, as much as i like uncharted,
    i hate its cheesy theme music.,

  25. Dude, two Green Day songs in a row, awesome! 21st Century breakdown, nice
    choice, cool to see their new stuff getting some recognition. Anyways I
    agree mostly with you, I bought my PS4 in March, I have ground zeros, had
    infamous, and still have AC4, but I think I’m gonna trade that in since I
    beat the story. My controller’s joysticks are really good quality, sucks to
    hear some of them are damaged.

    Have a great day, can’t wait for the next video! (more green day) ;)

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