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Analyzing the New PlayStation 3 – PlayStation Conversation

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  1. The wey you handle the box, I hate wen this guys do that, just for money.

  2. When you are watching dvd. When one of your friends are online, will it say
    that in the corner of the screen?

  3. Does PS3 need something like xbox live to play games online?

  4. Such a serene unboxing.

  5. Jackson Varghese


  6. Honestly I’ve come to the conclusion IGN is literally full of d bags. 

  7. I fucking hate this reviewer.. Acts over smart.. If I get s chance will
    slap this bastard 

  8. The guy with the Missouri hat voice is so fucking annoying

  9. redsfans hamilton

    That’s not how you open it 

  10. You! You box murderer!

  11. Rigorous testing? That’s if you two melon heads haven’t fucked it already
    with the way you just thrown it around 

  12. Whenever I got my ps3 on Christmas i got the same one but I pressed a
    button and I got scared and it slid LOL my cousin saw me

  13. Skikda of

  14. Lol the guy at 3:52, how random lol.

    I guess they didn’t know there was a button for the top? I’ve got this
    version of the PS3 and I think it’s great. The size of it is awesome, but
    it does make a lot of noise because the slide panel is rather thin.


  16. I want a ps3 I never had one ;(

  17. freebird-16 at least they can spell dumb

  18. Ok im sorry but id could give 2 shits how it looks does it perform better
    than the fat or slim

  19. Does it support blu ray ?

  20. I’m happy with my 120GB Plain slim but thanks…

  21. 2,000th PERSON TO LIKE

  22. Pretty cool how people need to slide a door on their PS3 to play any kind
    of media :D

  23. the lamest review ever uploaded

  24. Dumb* u idiot

  25. How much GB has??

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