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Tested In-Depth: Amazon Fire TV

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  1. victor larraondo

    i see low skills in aiming you should try call of duty black ops 2 zombies 

  2. Hello? JUST BUY AN OLD PS3 – access to all online tv services and it’s a
    blu-ray player.

  3. Sollte man sich vielleicht anschauen bevor man beim vermeintlichen
    Schnäppchen zuschlägt. Für manche ist es vielleicht genau das was sie
    suchten, aber die Kiste hat auch viele Einschränkungen und Schattenseiten. 

  4. is this for people like me who cant afford a 400 gaming system

  5. bigboobiessogood

    Can you plug a usb stick in and store games on that since this video come


    19:47. You can buy USB Dual Vibration PC Computer Wired Gamepad Game
    Controllers for like seven dollars online and they work just as good

  7. Turn off parental app before making purchases,if you don’t you in app
    purchasing may freeze and you may loose in app purchasing, which cost you
    money(on what you have spent already) it happen to me.I was very mad at
    amazon for a while because I was dumb enough when I called and the amazon
    person told me they would send me a new one and I could keep the old one
    and I couldn’t.Amazon said they would bill me 99 dollars plus 6 dollars for
    the new one.I tried to fix in app purchasing at first by calling amazon
    could not then found out you can fix bye factory reset the person I talked
    to did not know this.Whatever you do do not use a 4 digit pin code when
    making purchases may freeze turn off parental code when doing this
    ,freezing happen to me twice on my first one after three months on second
    one after seventh day when trying to order with parental control on(I had
    to send the unit back after about 10 days had put about 15 dollars or so of
    in app purchasing on it ,lost money.)Still a great unit so far no problem
    when making in app purchasing with parental app off.

  8. cheap plastic shit

  9. At $100 and without a dedicated controller and no external media playback
    I’m not sure why you’d get this over the Ouya unless you were married to

  10. Pretty harsh final verdict considering it does have some unique features
    and potential in the future. 

  11. Stefano Pennetta

    can you actually change languages in free films

  12. fire tv has been updated since this video. it has music and youtube. 

  13. does it work in Canada?
    I would use it for XBMC

  14. it has 8 gb of storage 2 gb system ram and a quad core 1.7 

  15. Why does Norm ALWAYS look so frustrated in like every video? He always gets
    cut off my Will when he is trying to talk and he makes that really weird
    face. Shouldn’t he be used to it by now?

  16. I wish the white dude would talk less & quieter.

  17. “Double helix made Killzone for the Xbox One” sorry, you lost me there

  18. About the game, 1 second of waiting for the game to load he says ‘still
    loading’ 2 seconds later he says ‘still loading’, game loads a total of 3
    wtf was he trying to make it seem the game loads in a long time when the
    game loaded in a few seconds.

    So annoying.

  19. Oh man. I see this thing failing. Hard. I doubt this thing will make it

  20. You can tell Will is not an Android use. The menu button isn’t just for
    contacts. ;)

  21. couple of hipster faggots

  22. If you have a decent tablet all you need is an MHL cord or your tablet has
    to be HDMI output capable… There you go… 

  23. Can you watch porn on this?

  24. “This is a terrible game” you’re a terrible player.

  25. Does anyone else find these boxes basically useless? Just about any modern
    smart phone has a hdmi out and I can use all of these apps + hundreds more
    and ‘stream’ them to my tv. You can do the same thing with countless of
    other devices you already have, so you are essentially paying $100 for a
    remote control.

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