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Xbox One Review

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SE Double USB Charging Stand for XBOX ONE X-ONE Controller LED

  • Designed for the x-one controller
  • Power thru the USB port from either the x-one console or PC
  • 2 controllers can be charged at the same time
  • Connecting the cable will also allow charging while still being used
  • 5V output with 500MAH
Description Dual USB Charging Dock Station Stand for XBOX ONE X-ONE Controller LED
LED Fast Dual USB Charging Dock Station Stand for for Xbox One Controller
Dual USB Charging Dock Station Adapter Stand for Microsoft Xbox ONE Controller
Dual USB Charging Charger Docking Station Stand for XBOX ONE X-ONE Controller Description
Designed for the x-one controller
Power thru the USB port from either the x-one console or PC
2 controllers can be charged at the same tim



  1. Scores are just reference points. They should never replace information or
    opinion. Even then, review opinions are subjective – it’s up to the
    reviewer to give you a sense of their preferences. To those that seem to be
    suggesting the PS4’s 8.2 vs. X1’s 7.8, well, think about this:

    You’re talking about the difference between having $10.40 and $10. Ever tip
    someone 40 cents?

    I’m a console gamer first, so I’m really loving both consoles. But there’s
    work to do if either PS4 or Xbox One wants to be a masterful product.

  2. Playstation started off well with the ps1 and ps2 easily beating original
    xbox ps3 wasnt so great 360 won last generation this generation ps4 is the
    obvious choice for a gamer more power better graphics better and more
    exclusives huge improvement in controller can actually use for shooters now
    and just focuses on gaming unlike the kinect reserving 10% of the xbones
    rams. Xbone is a failure this gen ps4 wins hands down.

  3. Xbox one has been fixed by microsoft over time, so sony might need to watch
    their backs.

  4. In case you missed it, the detailed written review is here.

  5. Is forza horizon 2 worth buying the xbox one for?

  6. I want to play fifa for 2-3 hours what one do i go for

  7. playstation pigs always talk about their exclusives and how xbox exclusives
    “suck” yet almost every xbox one exclusive has better ratings than ps4’s
    exclusives apart from the crap of us which btw i’m only counting cause i
    feel bad for you guys even though its a ps3 title LOL

    Titanfall – 86 average (not an exclusive but still not on ps4)
    Dead Rising 3 – 82 average
    Horizon 2 – 86 average
    Motorsport 5 – 80 average
    Sunset Overdrive – 82 average
    Fantasia – 80 average
    D4 – 88 average
    Project Spark – 77 average

    Infamous – 75 average
    Killzone – 73 average
    Driveclub – 70 average
    Knack – 54 average

    even our indie games Pinball FX and Guacameelee got an 85 and a 88, so that
    alone owns 90% of sony indie flops

    i’m truly sorry to anyone who bought a ps4, now go kill yourselves
    playstation pigs

    and 1 more thing i had to add in because i was laughing so much, when i saw
    your headset i died of laughter, it looked like they bought earphones from
    the dollar store and ripped them in two and put them in 2 different boxes
    and thats how they distributed them LOL

  8. welcome to opinion land, also known as the IGN comment section. this is
    where people come from all around to say their opinion, while also pissing
    everyone off.

  9. My brain is fryed, i cant decide if i should get an xbox one or a ps4.

  10. I’m just here for the games that’s why I chose ps4

  11. Antivillan Xtitan


  12. xbox-one has a gpu core of 768 while PS4 has a gpu 1178 this for idiots who
    don’t know what that means PS4 will have better looking games because of
    more shaders the the 1178 gpu core has. this make PS4 superior. FACTS

  13. the whole point of a games console is to be for gamers, this is not it.
    Using the voice command option is lazy and will ware out quickly. Microsoft
    make it seem like it is more for tv than gaming since its easy for me to
    switch anyway to tv. The xbox one is worse than ps4 because unlike
    microsoft, sony treat you like a gamer and not a easy way to make money.
    That is my review :)

  14. What good would the 1080p cam do if your freind sees you in 780p on his
    xbox one

  15. *FACT* XBONE is not a gaming console its a entertainment console that plays

  16. Xbox One-8/10
    Wii U-11/10

  17. #PCmasterRace

  18. Rhey Marc Albalos

    I have been a PlayStation fan ever since I have learned to play games. I
    own a PS1, PS2, PSP, and PS3. I want to buy an Xbox One but I am afraid
    since I have never owned an Xbox before, but Halo MCC, Sunset Overdrive,
    and other Xbox exclusives looks really good. So, should I buy an Xbox One?
    Btw, I am going to buy a PS4 on my graduation to make my PS4 special. :D

  19. 2k dislikes wow sony fans

  20. I’ve been a Sony gamer all my life and need thought of getting an Xbox, but
    this time I was a little more open minded and decided to try out both. My
    friend has both and honestly I found the Xbox one to be a more enjoyable
    experience, it’s not only a gaming console but also an entertainment
    system, ps4 is strictly gaming and the visuals are hardly better than the
    XB1, and the XB1 exclusives look great. Ps4 is a great system too, I can’t
    say it sucks and I don’t think anyone can, but to say the Xbox sucks is
    also just as stupid. Both are great consoles, I just went with the XB1
    because I personally feel it’s a funner system. Though more than likely ill
    get a ps4 later on down the road.

  21. What game was that at 2:00?

  22. ausharle Racingamer

    I’ve watched both the PS4 and Xbox One review’s but despite the price I
    like the Xbox One better but I have been a PS fan since i was 7 or 6. But I
    just don’t like the PS4 that much Sorry PS fan’s I also do like the PS3
    still and the Xbox 360 but the Xbox One is the best Console I ever had
    despite the rang of games for now. :)

  23. How is the Xbox one not sexy? It’s f***ing sexy, not trying to start an
    argument here but in my opinion, it looks sexier than the ps4

  24. I have a question, where should i put the xbox one hdmi? in or out???

  25. Patrick MacCarthy

    the kinect isn’t included it’s an extra 100 bucks 

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