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Classic Game Room – NEW XBOX 360 vs. OLD XBOX 360 review

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  1. XBOX Restoration & Customizations

    thats not an elite dumbass its a slim

  2. I bought my Xbox 360 Arcade Go edition machine back in 2009. Still works
    perfectly, no RRD,… no issues, and I have a slowly growing game
    collection for it. Funny thing is, I have no Halo franchise games for it at
    all. None,… and another act of insidious sacrilege,… not a single copy
    of Call of Duty games,… *NONE!!* (evil laughter ensues) If you are a Call
    of Duty fanatic,… you have no choice, you *MUST* hate me with all your
    soul! (more evil laughter ensues) The evilest games are in my collection, a
    true vile, evil act of dastardly sacrilege,… Battlefield: Bad Company,
    Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, annnd,… duhn duhn
    duuuhnnnnn,… Gears of War, Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3, andGears of
    War: Judgement,… (vile sinister laughter emanates from the bowls of my
    infernal home) And just in case that wasn’t sacrilegious enough,…. my
    evil collection has a copy of *gasp* Bioshock 2! But no Bioshock,… I
    haven’t even played the first one,…. *gasp again* Oh the horror,… now
    that’s an act of *sacrilege!*
    Take that you Call of Duty fanboys! (dives behind couch and readies my
    Lancer!) Marcus Fenix: “Throwing frag!”

  3. This one is far more better than Xbox 360-E

  4. my friend on xbox live has the old one

  5. Hey, Mark, are you going to get an Xbox 360 E?

  6. I still prefer the black fat Jasper Elite.

  7. The original Xbox 360s sucked so bad the white and elites sucked the slims
    are much better 

  8. I had xbox in 08-09, after rroding twice in 1 year, permanently scratching
    1 game with a round circle all around the disc and the ridiculous “pay for
    xbox live” bs I am proud to say I will never buy an xbox console ever
    again. PS3 and ps2 still work fine after 10+ yrs (ps2) and 6 + yrs (ps3)
    These will be th last consoles I ever purchase unless ffxv proves worth the
    money. I honestly have no idea why everyone thought xbox360s were superior
    to ps3s, but oh well, my personal experiences have proven to me that snes
    is still the best console ever made

  9. It’s way better than the old model. Those things mostly break within 2 or 3
    years. So if your thinking about getting an old model. It’s a waste of
    money compared to getting a E or a Slim. 

  10. I have got the old Xbox elite… Its almost 5 years old.

    Its still running like a Dream.

  11. That’s not the new xbox 360 

  12. I have th old ):
    (eh, not really, there both x360s, so it doesn’t really matter)

  13. I have that one bud. is not glossy

  14. dankerthanclanker

    My only problem with the Xbox, the disc tray keeps jamming on mine. IT only
    work properly if I leave a disc in.

    Not something I like doing.

  15. They’re both just expensive doorstops. Sega Dreamcast is where it’s at

  16. The actual comparing starts at 1:50

  17. i have the newer Matte Model 360. for some reason im not sure whats the
    difference because I’ve heard that the newer models prevent from RROD and
    apparently they do.

  18. My old white xbox finally broke this year (after 5 years) got the black one
    for christmas. Jizzed so hard after seven months of xbox withdrawal, though
    I did whore myself on my PS3 for that time

  19. I wish my Xbox 360 slim still worked. It was my first Xbox and the HDMI
    port stopped working on it so I have to use the ugly ass Xbox 360 E or
    whatever the fuck it’s called.

  20. Good.

  21. Unboxing+review

  22. supersonicparadise

    Ending = LOL!

  23. I wouldn’t really call this a review

  24. I still have the elite

  25. Start…. Yeah WHATEVER

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