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Is The Nintendo Wii U FINALLY WORTH IT NOW? (Nintendo Wii U Review)


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  1. Hey Videogamers! We have a special day today! Video games uploads actual
    “Video Games!” We kid, we kid. This amazing review was brought to you by a
    new Director named Gehab. Be sure to check him out! If you enjoyed the
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  2. The Wii U is my favourite console this generation!

  3. The Wii U is obviously underpowered like the Wii was. The hardware inside
    the Wii U is more on par with the 360 than Xbox One. It’s just that
    Nintendo gives the illusion that Wii U looks better than 360 and PS3
    because their 1st party games are extremely colorful.

  4. Sean Crawford •Avocado•

    Lol mario kart is 720p 59 fps what a fail nintendo you can’t even get that
    junk wii u to run a cartoon kiddy game in 1080p 60 fps

  5. I don’t get why you include comments about how the console “looks.” It’s
    kinda irrelevant, imo.

  6. I have a question, you say that you think that the reason why 3rd party
    games run poorly on the Wii U is not because of the weaker capabilities of
    the Wii U (to the PS4 and X1) but because the developers themselves were to
    lazy to make it look proper. Do you have any proof or reason why you think

    I ask because here


    a 3rd party developer who was making a game for the Wii U specifically
    described how underpowered the system was compared to the other consoles of
    the same generation, and the developer goes into detail describing how the
    system itself was poorly implemented and rushed by the developers
    themselves. The developer goes on to explain how the systems lack of
    powerful software required the developers to rewrite several parts of the
    game and as a result, the graphics and playability of the game suffered.

    You claimed in your video that the graphics of the 3rd party games for the
    Wii U are bad because it was poorly ported and the developers were lazy. If
    you could explain to me your reasoning behind that claim, I would
    appreciate it.

    Otherwise though, I genuinely enjoyed this video. I expected to hear the
    exact same stuff brought up on other channels but you brought some new
    points to the table, and I like that! I’ll have to check out some of your
    other videos!

  7. R u able to monetize ur vids and get youtube partnership with having
    Nintendo footage of games? How does that all work?

  8. TheYAYLOLers New Channel Name!

    Is it wrong to be a half PC half nintendo gamer?

  9. Nice video! Just a minor correction, but the Wii U does not need an HDMI or
    component cable to play. You can actually use it anywhere by playing
    strictly on the gamepad. It’s literally a portable console.

  10. I’ve had my Wii U since launch day. Excellent system, I have not play much
    but I’m waiting for SSB4.

  11. The Wii U is my primary console.. Yeah I’m wierd

  12. well it seems it’s time to update my wii to a U then .3.

  13. I bought Mario kart 8, but it dint have the digital console free thing or
    watever 🙁 (Sorry for bad grammar)

  14. Just got my Wii U today its amazing!

  15. I said it before, many many many times, lower the price Nintendo and I’ll
    buy one immediately, I promise. 

  16. I got one cos of Mario Kart 8!

  17. What game does it come with

  18. themysteriousfigure0

    It will probably sell much better once games like Xenoblade Chronicles X
    and new Zelda comes out, so sometime at the end of 2015.

  19. Nice video Susbribed 😀 

  20. You can say to me if to play a wii game on wii u you just have to put the
    cd and play or have to do other thing? Because i will buy a wii u and want
    play skyward sword :D

  21. Thank you Gehab for this awesome review, i am thinking of buying a Wii U
    next vacation so am looking for some opinions, i really love Nintendo
    games, they are very fun and enjoyable.

  22. Very nice video i even followed you on miiverse

  23. Wii U sucks PC FOR THE WIN

  24. Gehab Is it weird that i heared ur name as “Jihad”? xD

  25. superattackgamer

    Nintendo have got to be the worst video game developer of the decade all
    thanks to the Wii U and its shit games. When I heard that after Mario Kart
    8 they managed to lose even MORE profits and had several of their other
    developers (i.e Hal. Laboratory) leave them, I actually felt glad if
    anything because I want to see them dig themselves deeper and deeper down
    this grave they are in. Looks like they will definitely be bankrupt in a
    year or two, good riddance, at this point they are just embarrassing
    themselves and I wish I had never bought anything by Nintendo ever, if it
    would lead to this.

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